So Wake Up Hardcore Gamers, Wake Up And Smell The Ashes

A unique view on Natal and its impact on hardcore gaming. writes: Ah, we all remember that line as the G-man ushered us into a new era of FPS games, or more commonly known as Half Life 2. Will Natal do the same?

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DAVID BRENT4227d ago (Edited 4227d ago )

any gamer out there who thinks otherwise are in for a sharp shock,we all saw the unresponsive demo at e3,only games itl truly work with are wii-sports type of games and even that novelty wears off very quickly,and whats more hilarious is the core demographic of 360 users are shooter fans, even sonys offering which although will feel better as you are holding something physical will not replace controllers

natal will be all hype and little substance and thats the cold hard truth

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Feral Gamer4227d ago

PS3 motion controller will also sell a lot but end up sitting around like PSEye does now.

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The Meerkat4227d ago

I'm looking forward to some Natal RTS games.

C&C could be good.

Genesis54227d ago

It could be a fun thing on occasion with friends or the kids. But after working all day and getting a chance to relax and game. I'll be sitting in my lazy boy for that.

hitthegspot4227d ago

You forgot to mention 3D TV..

Strange_Evil4227d ago

Natal is not being made to cater the hardcore crowd. Sorry to burst your bubble, but it's being made to capture that easy to woo Wii crowd who get excited by seeing anything that is 'gimmicky'.

Will Natal sell well? Odds are yes, it will see well mainly cause of MS's marketing, but there are many factors which will affect it like how the PS controller are received and probably the most crucial factor is whether a Wii2 is coming soon. Things will be pretty clear next E3 as to what all companies have to offer in this new motion control genre.

But one things for sure, Natal is probably MSes last shot at the Japanese market. I can probably see them throwing 2-3 Japanese RPGs implementing Natal. If MS lose Japan, then they WILL land 3rd this gen.

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Budg3tG4m3r4227d ago

Just get a 360 guys and Natal, it's obvious you want it as much as you troll about it on N4G.

Bigpappy4227d ago

That the 360 fanboyz are going to brag about Natal doing better than Eyetoy? You guys need to worry more about what you intend to do to contribute to help improve your community or earn a living. This fanboy rivalry is eating away at your souls.

happy_gilmore4227d ago

voice control? EndWar was released 2 years ago

i can't think of any other scheme that tops m/kb as the best controls for RTS

edgeofblade4227d ago

And what of the PS3 wand? I'll admit it has more potential for ACTUAL games, but it's not going to have the mass market appeal of Natal. I actually feel sorry for Sony's position right now. It's the better motion system, but it's not going to get the same amount of exposure. The mass market will see it as simply a Wii clone, while Natal actually does something new.

(No Eyetoy comparisions please. There is no comparison if you've been paying attention.)

hoops4227d ago

And you know this can see into the future?
I love this site. LOL

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ApocalypseShadow4227d ago ShowReplies(2)
table4227d ago (Edited 4227d ago )

Everytime I see a preview of Natal it just looks worse and worse. Remember the pathetic burnout video that basically confirmed it won't work with racers, now we saw the HL video that basically confirmed that it won't work with shooters(all he did was move the camera around awkwardly and struggle to press simple on screen buttons, imagine shooting with that amount of inaccuracy). The e3 video also showed a delay with the response time of natal. I hope they can make it work but it looks like it might even struggle to work with casual games. I'm not impressed with what I've seen so far to say the least.

Wrathman4227d ago

i dont know wot every1 is gettin worked up about.there isnt a game on the xbox now that i want to play with lookin forward to playin them wii type games with it.with my that riccohet game.and other casual games they dev for tailored to it.

Bigpappy4227d ago

I never saw Natal in that video. That could be old footage from the Z-camera on which Natal is based. It could be completely fabricated. Just relax kid. You will see real footage very soon. May before mid January when M$ has the demo and best use ideas for developers.

table4227d ago

either way anything we've seen so far has been very uninspiring so you can understand why I'm sceptical... kid.

divideby04227d ago

author...psst....go try a Wii for FPS.....than you wouldnt even think about writing a junk blog like this

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