PS3, 360, Wii: Truly The Golden Age Of Gaming

After reading many comments from everyone over a few different posts about the 3 main next-gen consoles (Xbox 360, Sony PS3 and Nintendo Wii), all I see is everyone trying to convince everyone else which is the better games system.

The facts are that all have qualities in their own right and while each may also have faults we all certainly have our favorites (well I like all 3).

What I do not understand is why most people are fighting each other when this truly is the golden age of gaming.

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Sully9074241d ago

Kind of short but basicly has the right idea.

THAMMER14241d ago

Things are just getting heated up.

Norad64241d ago

Hell no, the golden age of gaming was snes vs. genesis. We are in the final generation before the next video game depression.

BitbyDeath4241d ago

I don't where is the Atari ST 520, that was the gaming Bomb!

texism4241d ago (Edited 4241d ago )

Did he just call this generation of recycled rehashes of sequels the golden age of gaming? Obviously one of those people that throw cliches left and right without even knowing what they really mean.

The "golden ages" was when FF was new and the Neo-Geo was kicking ass and the snes and the genesis and all that. All the classics. I think the golden age of gaming ended with the fall of the Dreamcast. That was painful.

ItsDubC4241d ago

I read the title of this news article and actually laughed out loud.

Gamers today are obsessed w/ graphics, sequels, and hardware specs. Even worse, close-minded console allegiance has become so common that there's actually a word for it now - fanboyism.

I'm willing to bet most ppl who think we are in the golden age of gaming right now are youths who weren't around back when gaming was all about funfactor and gameplay innovation.

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The story is too old to be commented.