Battlefield 1943 Sale

December 31, 2009 – Battlefield 1943 is on sale today via Xbox Live. The game, which regularly costs 1200 MS Points, will be on sale for 600 MS Points in celebration of the new year and decade.

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purevirus4225d ago

it's not a new decade yet dumbass. the new decade begins in 2011.

TerminalGamer4225d ago

No. The new decade begins in 2010. Think about it - was 2000 the end of the 1900s or the beginning of the new millenium? Was 1990 part of the 1980s or the 90s? 2010 is the beginning of a new decade. 2000-2009 = 10 years.

purevirus4225d ago

if the year 2000 would be the beginning of a new decade, it would mean that there was a year 0. Jezus's birth, the beginning of our year count, was the beginning of year 1 AD. the day before his birth was still 1BC. so that would mean that the first decade only lasted 9 years, from 0001-0009, wich is obviously wrong. the first decade was from 0001-0010. if you then add up decades, i.e. 10 years times 200, you would see that the current decade ends in 2010.

4225d ago