Final Fantasy XIII Xbox 360 Chocobos Now Going Out

Xbox Evolved writes:

"In efforts to spread the word that Final Fantasy XIII is coming to Xbox 360 in North America, Microsoft took to twitter. Rewards are being sent out now."

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4227d ago
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Bnet3434227d ago

I got mine too, but I don't think I'll be taking a picture with it ... I like my picture with 343 Guilty Spark.

Saaking4227d ago Show
BLuKhaos4227d ago

I feel like I read these post in the same order a month ago?

Hoolock4226d ago

There is so little difference between the release versions of the games we have to fight over who's promotional crap is better. Neither the Home space nor the XBL avatar pet mean anything. They're virtual items people!!!!!!

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Xeoset4226d ago

Got mine :D

Also: anything Chocobo > Japanese exclusive pixel box

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KiwiSplodgeFace4227d ago


Can't wait for FFXIII!

Coded-Dude4227d ago

i didn't even know the 360 supported avatar pets.....thats pretty cool. still waiting on pets in HOME. :(

Hisiru4227d ago

Don't be sad, it's just a matter of time.

Chubear4227d ago

There are here already just not public in NA yet.

JasonXE4227d ago (Edited 4227d ago )

Chocobo pet arrived in email. So glad i can redeem the code online instead of manually doing it on the 360 (takes a bit). Now I can just turn on my 360 and it will download.

Blaze9294227d ago

As they need to. Final Fantasy is really recognized as a Playstation brand title. They need to let people realize "oh, it's coming to the 360?"

AridSpider4227d ago

I'm still getting it on PS3 though...just saying >_>

Blaze9294227d ago

I'll probably still do the same.

KiwiSplodgeFace4227d ago

That's just plain laziness right there!

Awesome :D

SUP3R4227d ago

Just downloaded mine, but still buying the game for PS3.

Bnet3434227d ago

I'm getting it for the PS3 too, but Microsoft just wants to take advantage.

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