Ten New IP's of 2010 That Will Melt Your Face

They've already shown a huge (and growing) list of games that may make 2010 the biggest year in gaming. Now, here are Brave New Gamer's top ten new IP's, which may well turn into franchises of their own, of the coming year!

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Saaking4230d ago (Edited 4230d ago )

2010 is going to be a great year, especially the first half. Right now I think I'll only be able to afford 1 game in January and the rest are gonna have to wait. After that, I hope I can get Heavy Rain and SCC and then I have no idea. Perhaps there's too many games, but I'm sure we'll manage.

Mo0eY4230d ago

I think I spent $400 dollars on games this year. Next year's going to kill me. :(

Vojkan4229d ago

E3 can't come soon enough, once you see new IPs from Guerilla Games and Sony Liverpool, that i saw last month during secret Sony event in Paris, you will freak out...

DeadlyFire4229d ago

List is missing a more than a handful of new IPs I believe. I know a few others that should be mentioned.

Among those not mentioned. I know at least 5 of them will be making some type of big splash.
Singularity (PC/Console)
Metro 2033 (PC/X360)
Dust 514 (PS3/X360)
Alpha Protocol (PC/Console)
Blacklight (PC + Console?)
Tactical Intervention (PC)
Project Offset (PC/Mac?)
Global Agenda (PC)
Stargate: Resistance (PC TPS)
Infinity: Quest for Earth (PC)
Black Prophecy (PC)
Forged by Choas (PC)
Six Days in Fallujah (PC/Console)
The Secret World (PC)
Huxley (PC/X360) *X360 version on hold.
RUSE (PC/Console)
and a few others.

mfwahwah4229d ago

Well it IS titled "Ten New IP's of 2010(...)."

I think it's safe to assume that a lot will be left out.

gaffyh4229d ago

So many great games next year.

Going to definitely get:

Mass Effect 2, God of War 3, Darksiders, Heavy Rain (AMAZING game), Splinter Cell, Alan Wake, FF13, Modnation Racers, GT5, The Last Guardian


Bayonetta, Yakuza 3, WKC, AVP, Dante's Inferno, Brink

Not getting:

MAG (too tactical for me).

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Henry Cain4230d ago

Im sorry but brink looks like crap. It almost look like they are trying to be like KZ2. I'll pass on that one. Its just like Section 8 trying to be like halo.

Mo0eY4230d ago

I dunno, man. I would call it Mirror's Edge meets Quake because that's what it looks like to me.

DeadlyFire4229d ago

Looks a little like Team Fortress 2 + Mirror's Edge + KILLZONE to me. Not enough about it to say its bad or good just yet though.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat4229d ago

"It almost look like they are trying to be like KZ2."

If by that you mean "better graphically and much more fun to play", then yes, I agree with you. :D

Seriously, go watch those videos that are up on Xbox Live and tell me that Brink doesn't have mind blowing graphics (and a very cool overall look and feel, as well).

Saying that "Brink looks like crap" is beyond ridiculous.

LeonSKennedy4Life4230d ago

Heavy Rain and The Last Guardian.

I'm not terribly concerned with anything else...even though I'll be getting other games.

Twisted Metal would be nice too. : )

bacon134229d ago

By Zeus' beard I need a new Twisted Metal, its been far too long.

The Iron Sheik4230d ago

Is LA Noire confirmed for 2010? I haven't heard anything about that game for a while and it is looking more and more like vaporware.

mfwahwah4229d ago

Only info I know about it is old, old stuff. I figure if it was vaporware then they'd have announced its cancellation by now. I'm assuming they're working diligently in secret for a big reveal (maybe at E3 with a Q3/4 '10 release?). Author made a good point though: sometimes it's good that we don't know a game inside-and-out before it comes out.

GeoramA4230d ago

Lot of new IPs on PS3 next year.

The Last Guardian
3D Dot Game Heroes
White Knight Chronicles
Heavy Rain
Last Rebellion

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