Game Arena: Darksiders: Wrath of War Review

Game Arena writes" "The jumping puzzle in the last dungeon of the game is probably the only puzzle which stops being satisfyingly challenging and steps into the boundaries of being frustrating - which really sums up the entire Darksiders experience. In the entire 17 hours of the game - through dungeons and boss fights, jumping puzzles and portal puzzles and more than a dozen moments which had the lazy in me wishing I could grab a how-to from the internet I was only annoyed at a puzzle once. And only for a moment."

The Good bits
Finely distilled action and puzzle gameplay.
Great use of artwork.
Possibly the best game ending ever.

The Bad stuff
There's one puzzle which is more frustrating than challenging.

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Milky4227d ago

best game ending ever eh? Gonna have to check this game out.

4227d ago