Destructoid: The most wanted Wii games of 2010

Destructoid writes: "When we did this list last year, one of the best Wii games of 2009 (New Super Mario Bros. Wii) hadn't even been announced yet. That was just one of the surprises that Wii owners had in the last 12 months. A Dead Space on-rails shooter? A new-wave Pong shmup/music game? Metroid Prime being declared the Citizen Kane of gaming? A hand-drawn remake/sequel to A Boy and His Blob? New, exclusive, 16-bit-looking Gradius, Contra, and Castlevania games? What a weird year in Wii games it was."

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Smacktard4234d ago

Fantastic list. Nailed everything I was looking forward to. 2010 is gonna be fantastic.

EvilTwin4234d ago

Yep. 2010 is stacked for Wii.

And I think Other M probably WILL be released in 2010. Maybe Destructoid has some inside info, but it sounds like the idea for Other M was hatched fairly early in the Wii's life cycle: least I hope it will be. I'm super-hyped for the first 3D third-person Metroid.

fatstarr4234d ago

i can agree with. first time ever i think im going to buy more than 10 wii games in a year

wow gettin tatsunoko vs capcom and nmh2 day 1

deshon094234d ago

got a wii for my kid in aug and been killing the new supper mario wii and even the new meteoroid trilogy glad to see 010 will be good to the wii also