Stargate SG-1 : The Alliance Interview, with Unreleased Information

The Stargate franchise began over 15 years ago with the release of the Roland Emmerich directed feature film, simply titled Stargate. While the film has yet to get any sequels from the original creators as it was intended, the movie has spawned three TV spin-offs: Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, and the newest, Stargate Universe, which combined have had a total of 16 seasons, containing over 300 episodes, with more Universe on the way. Gamers have continually been left in the cold though, with little to show for their devotion to the series. find out more then they expected, with not one, but two unreleased Stargate games by Perception.

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BlackIceJoe4235d ago (Edited 4235d ago )

I remember this game. I so wanted to play this game. I really enjoy the Stargate universe. Because you use the Stargates to get to different planets. Instead of the normal spaceships. Stargate may have them but the main way of travel is the Stargates not the spaceships.

I for one really believe MGM is missing out on a gold mine. Because I believe Stargate would make for a perfect game. I so want MGM to make another Stargate film too.

The TV shows are great but after seeing the reimagining of Star Trek I so think bringing back Stargate to the big screen would be great. Plus I want to see another Stargate film because I think that if it comes out on the Big screen it can get more people to like the series. I know right now SG:Universe is on. I my self am not a fan I liked SG-1 and SG:Atlantis more.

I just do not like the way the new show is handled. It just does not feel like the Stargate series I have loved for years. So for me I so would love to see a new film and also SG video game.

It is to bad after reading this that MGM could not find some one that they would approve of to publish SG-1:Alliance. I hate seeing such a great IP that can't make it out in Video game form. This could not come out then the SG MMO. So I just hope some day MGM will allow a SG game to come out. Because the SG universe is perfect to make into a video game.

Saaking4235d ago

A stargate MMO would be awesome. I remember getting really hyped for this game only to be crushed by it's cancellation. It was looking really awesome and I think they would have pulled out something great. Hopefully, they'll make a good stargate game one day.

BlackIceJoe4233d ago

One of these days it will happen. Because with a great IP like Stargate. You know there is great potential for a Stargate game.

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