500 Million GBP Per Year To Enact Three Strikes

One of the largest stories regarding file sharing and copyright enactments of the year, has been the "three strikes" proposals across the globe, most famously, that of the United Kingdom.

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RememberThe3574227d ago

I feel sorry for those of you in the UK. I don't know how government works over there but someone needs to pull in the rains on Mr. Mandelson.

mrv3214227d ago

Living in Britain I regard myself as a FREE citizen. The BBC is one of the best news outlets.

The NHS is also something that provides unimaginable equality.

I do agree it should be the music who foots the bill because they will benefit most oh wait no they won't because they know that just because we pirate it doesn't mean we would have bought it.

Three Strikes seems resonable enough seeing as we can pick up a movie here for £2 and music for even less. Am I pro or anti piracy... if said user can justify it for example wanting to watch a movie but not wanting to support that company then I guess that's alright. But pirating a movie that you would have seen and have the money to see seems rather stupid since someone went to the trouble to make something you want to see.

If I ever pirate a movie I will have full intention to buy it. Piracy can be justified but usually isn't. If you brea the law and you are punished then why moan? YOU BROKE THE LAW TO SAVE £2.

jack_burt0n4227d ago

Its a great idea the ISP that doesn't back it will have an instant monopoly :) meaning faster speeds and wider coverage.

Most people have no idea how widespread p2p is, grandmothers are doing it the bbc is doing it lol the royal family probably like a bit of torrenting.

thats the reality no matter how much mandelson gets bribed.