Left 4 Dead 2: Weapon Effectiveness vs Tank

A Steam forum user by the name of Urik has created this handy chart to showcase the effectiveness of all the game's various weapons against the Tank on the only difficulty that matters: expert.

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Saaking4228d ago

Melee weapons are fast, but they're the worst idea. The tank will instantly kill you if you get close to it.

StillGray4227d ago

Not if you do it right.

Microsoft HQ4227d ago

throwing bile at it can help

-chaz-4227d ago

I did it with the chainsaw the other day, and it can be done. It greatly helps your chances if the tank is engaged with another player :)

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IrishAssa4227d ago

hardest difficulty plus getting close is not really an option, whip your knob out and it dies instantly

4227d ago
jackalman4227d ago

the sniper rifle being the best? I guess it only applies to the first game.