2K Says Other FPS Games Are Generic Bioshock 2 Story And Setting Is What Shines Over The Competition

Bioshock was a huge hit when it debuted on the Xbox360 and part 2 is bigger and better but most of all it's in a league of it's own. The great gameplay of Bioshock has now moved into multi-player which really adds more to the game along side a brand new story that introduces the big sister amongst other surprises 2K games is working on.

There's no other FPS on the market that's like Bioshock 2 and once the games is released in a few months be prepared to blown away once again and the competition should really worry.

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Bungie4226d ago

i knew it

it's da hiphopgamershow

dgroundwater4226d ago

Yeesh. As soon as I saw the run on sentence in the headline I thought "Who else could this be but HHG."

4226d ago
Pandam0bile4226d ago

You can tell Hip Hop Retard articles from a mile away because the man can't use punctuation to save his life.

mikeslemonade4226d ago

That is completely true. The only single player campaign I genuinely like this generation is Bioshock 1. Bioshock 2 unfortunately will be more of the same. They have to somehow out do themselves which isn't going to happen.

Hiphopgamer wins you haters lose! Go watch your anime.

ico924226d ago

don't they usually post BS articles on Sundays?

Timesplitter144226d ago

You can tell from the lack of punctuation in the title

Saaking4226d ago

Bioshock 2 is gonna be awesome. I'm looking forward to what they do with the story and I'm sure the gameplay is gonna be as great as the first. Not to mention the incredible atmosphere.

DaTruth4226d ago (Edited 4226d ago )

Whenever this guy puts out flamebait, it puts me off; But when he does a real show with real interviews, he always reels me in! I guess he has to throw in some filler to get a show every week because you can't have a big interview every week, but maybe he's working for the day when he doesn't have to have any flamebait shows because he's gotten so big and can provide an interview and real inside source info instead of random guessing.

As far as Bioshock is concerned; I heard it was this great game and all, but the small congested and claustrophobic feel along with the bad graphics, even in the small congested corridors really put me off(tiny environments really should have better graphics). I like open, large and bright environments!

But it is true what he says; this game makes every other FPS look generic, which should be enough alone to warrant a purchase and give a good time!

Ausbo4226d ago

i am not looking forward to bioshock 2. I think that with the new studio developing it, it might turn out to be a flop. It really doesn't look any different from bioshock 1 except the multiplayer.
It kind of looks like a recycled game.

The original was great but this looks to much of the same to me.

Christopher4226d ago

*Looks at Half-Life 2*

*Looks at BioShock*

*Picks up Half-Life 2*

SilentNegotiator4226d ago

....but is it really okay for them to act so condescending and.....wait a minute! It's HHGS!


TrevorPhillips4225d ago

Yea well if you knew it was hiphopgamer, why did you click on his article then.

Persistantthug4225d ago

that was a good quality developer interview.

Good job HHG.

Eamon4225d ago

This was actually a GOOD interview

I know most of us are automatically going to bash HHG again

but this time he did a good interview. I rate him for that.

Good job Hiphopgamer!!

bacon134225d ago (Edited 4225d ago )

Agreed. Good interview and bad grammar all around.

pixelsword4225d ago

I never thought anyone would do that; the best part is that he didn't brow-beat the dev.

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Tony P4226d ago

So I guess the question is...did they really say that or not?

Crimsonite4226d ago

I bet he twisted their words a little too much just to come up with a flamebait title

Pandam0bile4226d ago

HHG's articles are almost always false. He need some way to get people to visit his site, so me makes up sensationalistic titles and stories.

TheIneffableBob4226d ago

Fox News of the gaming world.

Charmers4226d ago (Edited 4226d ago )

Oh come on now that is unfair, really it is I mean Fox News does have some integrity compared to HHG.

DaTruth4226d ago

He did actually say that. And it's true when you think about comparing Bioshock to regular FPS's.

Crimsonite4226d ago (Edited 4226d ago )

No he didn't say that, maybe you and Hiphopgamer should get your ears checked.He was talking about how the story and setting of other fps are generic (eg.Military shooters with a scifi twist) and how Bioshock differs.Then Hiphopgamer goes around and just says that the guys just call other fps's generic, when in truth he was just talking about the story/setting.There is a difference between calling a game's story generic and calling a game as an entirety generic.

Look at the title, he says "2k says other fps are generic" and then (after the missed punctuation lol) "BioShock 2..."

I did like the interview though the way Hiphopgamer acts and talks makes viewing the interview less enjoyable.

SilentNegotiator4226d ago

It's not even sensationalist twists's outright fabrications.

pixelsword4225d ago (Edited 4225d ago )

The Dev said that "most" FPS are generic in the fact that they are military or science-fiction based... the ones that aren't generic, military, or science-fiction based, aren't; which leaves very little, if any.

I would say technically the dev didn't say it; but because the Dev didn't go into finer detail it could go either way.

As the dev didn't explicitly say "other" FPS games are generic, but I can only tell you two games off of the top of my head that's not military or Sci-Fi based: and that's The Left4Dead series and Mirror's Edge; and that's still including Bioshock. Bioshock is still militarily-based (factions within a broken-down Utopian society are still militaristic in nature) and still has sci-fi elements (Plasmids? Hello?!) Technically, you could count Mirror's Edge if you're not counting the police force; which in it's Orwellian future is actually a military force thinly-veiled as the police. Heck, even then L4D doesn't escape in theory. Left4Dead uses military vernacular, tactics, and even then they themselves don't stray from the tired, cookie-cutter Zombie scenario (bunch of different people from different walks of life come together to fight zombies and the end they escape/find refuge with a larger group; they don't all die in the end or stuff like that. So even Left4Dead is "generic" although the Developer didn't specifically include the undead category.

DaTruth4225d ago

Maybe you should get the logic center of your brain checked! How is that not saying other FPS's are generic.

Maybe you should also be less of a jerk!

Giving nerds and geeks faceless, nameless communication was never gonna turn out good!

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Emmettcelticfan4226d ago

ohh stealth attack there HHG. he is about as reliable as a safety rope made out of spaghetti. but i will never know because as soon as he popped up on the screen i stopped the video cant stand him.
side note i got an 30 sec advert for samsung. its bull that we even have to watch adverts online now

lowcarb4226d ago

I pressed stop myself in fear of hearing his bad mouth with kids around.

RedDragan4226d ago

If Bioshock 2 is like Bioshock then it will be just another run of the mill shooter than brings nothing new to gaming.

I am getting so sick of FPS games, when you have played one you have played them all!!


i am sorry, but i have to say.... I know it's your opinion, but what exactly about bioshock was run of the mill?

I am prob one of the few people who thought bioshock was a bit over hyped. I thought it was a great game yes, but if anything it reminded of Deus EX game that came out on the old xbox a while back - just it had a less head scratching story and a more interesting setting that could be realised through it's visuals because of the power of this gen consoles. maybe slightly less rpg-ish in nature as well...

having said all that, deus ex is the closest game i could think of and as far as this gen goes, no other fps has been anything like bioshock. so how exacly would you say it was run of the mill ?

PS360PCROCKS4226d ago

Lol run of the mill? Seriously? A game where you change your DNA to make cyclones, bees, fire, ice, electricity, you have guns, telekinesis set in a underwater 1960's utopia filled with genetically altered freaks. Highlighting the human condition and what people will go through to make themselves perfect. It perfectly highlights the insecurities of the world today. Yup sounds just like Halo and Cod.

Risque4226d ago

The things claimed here are largely true, but whether or not 2K said them is another matter entirely. Rapture as a setting is excellent.

RedDragan4226d ago


Run and gun, run and gun, run and gun, run and gun, Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

4226d ago

@ RedDragan

are you upset because you want to camp in bioshock ? I mean if your not running and gunning, then your camping... right ?

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