Take-Two subsidiary working on Natal game

CC: Take-Two Interactive subsidiary Cat Daddy Games are working on a project that will be used with Natal, as well as Nintendo consoles.

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ruleroftekken4227d ago

At the moment, it looks like there'll be more than 14 launch games for Natal.

It might not be the best game either, but if it's anything like the Wii sport style games it'll sell well.

4Sh0w4227d ago

I imagine a wii sports style game should do pretty well with Natal, other fitness games as well and they will no doubt have decent sales just from curiosity alone.

I'm much more interested to see how Molyneux will implement it in Fable3???

sinncross4227d ago

For use with Natal and Nintendo consoles?

So you're telling me they cant do a PS3 version considering the PS3 Sphere is similar in to the Wii remote?

darthv724227d ago

if the game is being made for natal and wii then what about the sony wands.....?

They need some motion activated lovin too. Oh, that didnt sound right...

rob60214227d ago

They probably just don't have the budget to do a ps3 version - which doesn't speak well for the title itself.

RockmanII74227d ago

I think they will make it for the Wii and port it over to Natal when Natal launches, then when those two versions are done they will look at how it was received by the public and if people like it they will work on a PS3 version.

Blaze9294227d ago (Edited 4227d ago )

Their portfolio is nothing to brag about. Next

siyrobbo4227d ago

they might not have had the ps3 wand dev kit for long, or maybe they dont have them at all yet?

Maybe MS are funding alot of new projects with third parties to ease them into it

SilentNegotiator4227d ago

The best games to come out of them have been mediocre Tycoon rip-offs.

Elven64227d ago (Edited 4227d ago )

Blaze929: There portfolio makes it seem like they may just make casual titles, that developer also makes Carnival Games so perhaps that is what they are doing for the 360 with Natal?

With the Wii those who made such games found early success, they aren't finding as much now in comparison. The same thing might happen here which is why such developers/publishers are taking the casual route.

Xi4226d ago

if we're going to bring up a studios past...

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Omega44227d ago

Lots of Natal support, certainly wont be a failure with all these games.

Wonder what 3rd parties are making PS3 Wand games

Saaking4227d ago

I also wonder what 3rd parties are doing with Natal. We know devs are making games for BOTH motion controls and we haven't received much info from either. We know RE5 and LBP are being reworked with PS motion controls and we know Burnout Paradise works on Natal. Other than that we don't know anything about either.

Omega44227d ago

Well MS rarely show their games early, look how late Forza 3 was revealed so they will be shown at E3 most likely.

Dont know why Sony havnt shown anything yet.

Cold 20004227d ago

Sony are used to hyping their games a long time in advance so they're probably off schedule with their motion wand. It's supposed to be coming out at spring and still nothing...? Doesnt smell too good.

Saaking4227d ago (Edited 4227d ago )

Um, Alan Wake was shown years ago wasn't it? The only PS3 games that really took a long time to come out are KZ2 and GT5, so that excuse is not valid.

And Sony HAVE shown something. Did you magically forget the various tech demos AND the demonstrations of LBP and RE5 used with motion controls? In fact, Sony has shown a LOT more than MS, becuase so far MS is just all talk. The few times they have shown something it looks laggy, kinda unresponsive, and overall boring.

Blaze9294227d ago (Edited 4227d ago )

Maybe if you would take off your Sony fanboy goggles I think you would understand that Omega is talking about how Microsoft operates now, not 5 years ago. They no longer unveil new games unless they can get it in the hands of the consumer in a year time frame. Look at Crackdown 2, just announced this year in June and 360 gamers will have it in their hands just 10 months after the announcement.

Forza Motorsport 3 - announced in June, released in freakin' november! That was only a 5 month wait!

Cold 20004227d ago

Lol @Saaking. Oh well I think Blaze nailed it for me.

Omega44227d ago

Watch this:

There are plenty of applications of Natal right there much MUCH more than Sony. Add the paint game, ricochet (that ball game) and Milo and Kate and it far surpasses what Sony has shown which is literally nothing but old games with motion controlled added.

Come E3 and the Wand will look like a joke with its lack of software

4227d ago
young juice4227d ago (Edited 4227d ago )

@ omega

yea to bad they havent really showed anything to the onstage (like sony), they havent even givin proof that any of that is real until i see something amazing that i cant make with a camera and video editing software i would say microsoft was just hyping natal.

EDIT: really think about it! if microsoft had the onstage demo lagging why didnt they just show one of the other PERFECT games they had in the trailer. it makes no sense they definitely lied.

Simon_Brezhnev4227d ago

The reason why Sony tell its consumers the games way before hand so they can save money since they have so many exclusives coming out. Most PS3 owners are adults that have jobs. We cant go begging mommy about a game since we have bills and on budget.

darthv724227d ago

Sure it was the burnout game and they looked like a version of devo but...where is sony going around showing off thier tech?

Not even on lopez tonight..sheesh

Elven64227d ago

young juice: Natal was demoed at E3, to members of the press (also at E3, IGN even has a few previews up), on Jimmy Fallon, etc also consider that developers had dev kits for Natal around E3.

That being said, I think Natal has more to prove than Sony's Wand controller. People know how the Wand will generally work and what it is capable of, Natal on the other hand is new to a certain extent with a uphill battle to fight many myths about such technology.

Bigpappy4226d ago

I think they said 7 for Natal 5 for Wii and 3 for PS3 Motion. The numbers might be a bit different. but they were doing about twice as many on Natal. There is a lot of support for Natal. Not so much for the Wand, yet is due to release in a months.

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tunaks14227d ago

With the introduction of motion controllers on all 3 system low quality (shovel ware) games will litter the systems if all three MS NIN and SONY don't have quality control. You all saw what shovel ware did to the Wii (not bashing, its my favorite console this gen) get ready for some more!

MajestieBeast4227d ago (Edited 4227d ago )

Ohh god they made carnival games they should be shot if you think this will be anything other then carnival games sequal then your in for a big surprise.

Nintendo has quality control when the system has games like wheelspin...

Shaka2K64227d ago

Hahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa aa!!!

knightdarkbox4227d ago

Natal will start a Revolution in the consoles..

mark my words ps3fans

Aquarius4227d ago (Edited 4227d ago )

HYPTAL is being used as M$' own last resort on turning around the flopbox from RROD, nothing more...nothing less.

Without HALO, Live, desperate price cuts the flopbox wouldn't exist.

HYPTAL will flop so badly. I can't wait to see the stupid commercials.

Kittenz4226d ago

hyptal, flopbox, failtal... Is there a website I can go to get these clever little play on words that people always use in the open zone? Or can I just add "gay" or "flop" or something like that to the front of a word and then I can be kewl too?

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