Top 5 Virtual Console Games Released in 2009

The Nintendo Wii saw plenty of excellent classic games re-released on the Virtual Console service this year. So which of the titles were the best of the 2009 class?

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Method4231d ago

Majora's Mask is still the best 3D Zelda.

TooTall194231d ago (Edited 4231d ago )

I liked OoT slightly more, but that's because it was my first Zelda. The 2 N64 Zeldas and Perfect Dark are some of my favorite games period.
Edit: Is PD available on the Virtual Console yet?

hatchimatchi4230d ago


No PD isn't available and it probably won't ever be for the wii, which is a shame. There was a story on here a few days ago about how PD is rumored to come to the XBLA. So if you have a 360 you might be able to play it eventually.

dgroundwater4230d ago

It's no rumour. It's been announced for a early 2010 release (like in 3 months or less)for XBLA. 60FPS in HD with online multiplayer!

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miles-prower4231d ago

"Is PD available on the Virtual Console yet?"

t8504231d ago

lol most of the virtual console games have been availble on the pc for long long time.

emulation for the win.

virtual console does a terrible job of bringing old games back. the Pc emulated versions look superior and run better.

hatchimatchi4230d ago (Edited 4230d ago )

it depends really, snes emulation and other 8bit/16bit systems run fine but the 64 emulators are riddled with problems. PSX emulators work good, but i'd rather play the games on my 42" plasma instead of on my laptop.

Also, if you have twilight princess you can do the homebrew channel hack and install tons of emulators. I tried it out but i still prefer buying games off the vc, they're cheap and i don't like having to keep reinstalling the homebrew channel, etc.

t8504230d ago

if your laptop has an hdmi output the games can easily be hooked up onto the tv.

lastly the emulated version actually looks like the original. nintendo did a bad job with the virtual console games, they look all jaggied as if an attempt to make a quick buck.

Plus the emulated version has extra features like saving the game at any point.

4221d ago