TUWC's 'Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing' Preview

Sega has released details of the new game 'Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing' including some screenshots and videos. Here you will find TUWC's preview.

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ColossiSlayer3679d ago

Some of the best music in racing game history along with Red Asphalt on PS1. But, at least Sonic R sorta made sense, everyone but the characters who weren't known to run fast had vehicles and Sonic, Tails, Shadow & Knuckles ran on foot. In this game they are all in cars... I'll take Modnation Racers over this lol...

Myst3679d ago

Will at least give this a rental when it comes out.

Risque3678d ago

It has some nice potential, but it seems remarkably easy to mess up mascot kart racers.

3678d ago
3678d ago
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