This Is What We Want In The Next Batman Game

Bloody Disgusting writes: Unless you've been living under a rock, are out saving starving African children, or have been backpacking through Europe you've probably heard about the sequel to Batman: Arkham Asylum that was announced recently. The nerdgasm inducing trailer revealed at the Spike Video Game Awards ended with the tease that Arkham had moved, leading us to believe the game will be taking place in the renowned crime infested city of Gotham. With this change of location come new scenery, new baddies, and tons of new things to do. With all this comes a plethora of new possibilities and this is what we want to see in the next Batman game.

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CuddlySandpaper4227d ago

Goddamn some of these ideas are good. If someone at Rocksteady is reading this there are quite a few things I hope they put in the next game.

himdeel4227d ago (Edited 4227d ago )

...only highlights the bad guys as a blue or red silhouette I'd be happy. I felt like I did spend too much time seeing the world through the blue filter of DM and fighting skeletons.

BabyColada4227d ago

I agree. The skeletons looked really cool but Rocksteady spent so much time making the game world look amazing I felt bad spending so much time in Detective Mode.

GameGambits4226d ago

Come on you know what we all want...ROBIN! With the voice actor who does Tommy Pickles from Rugrats, and the tightest pair of tights ever producing a TINY bulge. XD

J/K. I hope they don't ever put Robin in. Nightwing sure, but Robin no.

4226d ago