DualShockers Game of the Year Awards 2009

Welcome to DualShockers Game of the Year Awards 2009! To conclude this year, we have 11 awards to give away to a whole host of the best (and worst) games of 2009. Enjoy!

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4224d ago
reintype4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

Wait... What!?!? I could have sworn I was playing this on my PC, must be my imagination then.

Chadness4224d ago

It's console exclusive to the 360.

SactoGamer4224d ago

I agree that L4D2 should not be considered an exlusive game by any means.

Chadness4224d ago

Missing a certain award-winning RPG from the mix, but other than that, not too shabby.

IG_DARKSA1NT4223d ago

My vote goes to Uncharted 2. Really loved the gameplay and cinematics. Awesome experience.

4223d ago
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