Top 10 best-selling video game products on Amazon this year

A list of the best-selling video game products of 2009 on Amazon has been released, through the month of December.

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Sitdown4228d ago

is going to comment on this article because the Wii and its products held down 9 of the top 10 slots.

Valay4228d ago

I just find it interesting how well New Super Mario Bros. Wii has been selling. We knew it'd do well, but its performance has truly been fantastic in North America, Japan, and Europe.

Sitdown4228d ago

and it doesn't hurt that Best Buy is currently offering it for $39.99. I picked up a copy for my wife..........well at least I got the brownie points for saying I got it for her, but I am pretty sure I will log just as much time on it as she will. This Mario seems to bring that simplistic fun from the NES days...every now and again me and my wife would break out Mario 3 for fun.

Risque4228d ago

I don't know that it's an especially interesting thing to know. My instinct is to call it nonsense, though, because there is nothing DS in there. Mario Kart Wii plus wheel (not vanilla Mario Kart Wii!) sold better over the course of the year than one of the strongest handhelds ever? Seems unlikely. I think something is off.

Shnazzyone4228d ago

suppose maybe next year will be when we see that slowdown take place.

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