Top 10 PC Gaming Related Failures Of The Decade (2000-2009)

While there have been lots of progress in ventures related to PC gaming in the past decade, there have also been lots of products, events and services that didn't quite turn out as planned. From computer operating systems that were buggy to plans to improve online services to launching a new consumer gaming event, gamers have seen lots of efforts that were less than successful.

Big Download has picked 10 such efforts related to PC gaming that either failed completely or morphed into something else entirely. These failures should always serve as a reminder that even the smartest of people and the biggest of companies can still have their issues.

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3214d ago
evrfighter3214d ago

they forgot physx


oh and the killer-nic lol

El_Colombiano3214d ago

I want to stand up for PhysX, but I am drawing blanks here...

Pandam0bile3214d ago

I like PhysX but it'd be nice if Nvidia didn't whore it out to only work on their GPU's.

SaiyanFury3214d ago (Edited 3214d ago )

Yeah if nVIDIA would make it so PhysX could offload onto the CPU I have no doubt it would perform better than relying on the GPU alone. Lord knows it slows things down when there's a lot going on in a game.

HAHA I love how they mention the Phantom by Infinium Labs. I heard about it, but never heard anything concrete. It's interesting how they mention the fall of Voodoo in comparison to nVIDIA. That's not really something I'd call a failure. I'd call it more along the lines of not being able to compete. Lord knows I'm in love with my GTX 285. :)

I'd agree with Vista being a big failure for PC gamers. Windows XP was very stable with them. After all of the big missteps with Vista, MS was right to release Windows 7. I can play games for hours without fear that a game will crash. It's been wholly stable for everything I've been playing from Fallout 3 to Crysis. Even with my CPU's OC.

champ213214d ago

imo pc's strength of being an open platform which means its cheaper to game on, is also a its greatest weakness, there is no one with a marketing budget like microsoft or sony to hype the pc.