'Mass Effect 2' Imported Data And 'New Game Plus' Options Get Clarified

In addressing the presence of a "New Game Plus" mode in "Mass Effect 2," BioWare has now confirmed that multiple playthroughs will be possible as they were in "Mass Effect." That new info appeared on a bulleted list of ways that the sequel will handle established characters and carry over player data from completed run-throughs of both games.

"If players start a New Game + after beating the game they will be able to re-use the same character import file they did for their first playthrough," BioWare community coordinator Chris Priestly wrote on the official "Mass Effect 2" forums. "Yes New Game + is making a return to 'Mass Effect 2'!"

Though a maximum "11 end-of-game saves" will be allowed, Priestly outlined how those save files will impact the "ME2" experience.

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dgroundwater3213d ago

Yeah this all sounds right. I would be very disappointed if you couldn't do a newgame+

Alcon Caper3213d ago

Well, I guess, time to get back to work on Mass Effect. I wonder if you played as a guy in ME, you can import as a chick in ME2. Also, if you replay the game after beating it do you keep your stats? I wonder how that would affect the difficulty.

3213d ago
DarkBlood3213d ago

i preordered the collectors edition the other day cant wait

il-mouzer3213d ago

I left the collectors edition open on my laptops browser all time during christmas so that someone in my family would notice it and maybe buy me mass effect 2... sadly my kid brother opened his jib jab about the game not being available until january and I'll have to end up buying the game myself -.-