Will Erotic Games Ever Become Legitimized?

Gamervision writes:
"While the typical assumption is that video games are for children, it's becoming more and more obvious over the years that this simply isn't the case. There are games for a younger audience, that's for sure, but with the average age of gamers being 35 years old (according to the Entertainment Software Association) and Mature games outselling all others, the stigma of "games are for kids" is losing steam. Strangely enough, it appears as though many within the industry are ignoring that fact, especially retailers and console makers. Proof is in the AO rating, which is still a death note for games. If the ESRB decides that a game is too saucy for the M-rating, it cannot get licensed on any of the consoles (as was seen with Manhunt 2), and barely any retailers will carry it. For the most part, this only applies to one genre: erotic games. Let's discuss them, shall we?"

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dominicm3215d ago

Not until H-game developers start to translate their titles, but even then I doubt they'd be available anywhere. Maybe direct downloads?

DasBunker3215d ago

not in a near future.. even nudity alone still taboo in VG..

its all just bad parents fault.. they cant control what their punks play or they dont even wanna try to get involved (cuz they dont know shi*).. so they instantly crucify this kind of games..

but i laugh at how they buy MW2 to their 12 y/o and thats acceptable...

kraze073215d ago

I don't think it's wrong for kids to play M rated games as long as they're mature. If parents just teach their kids right from wrong then they wouldn't have to worry about their kids being corrupted by some video game they play or movie they see. Instead they want to be lazy and just censor everything they think is unsuitable for their kid.

sikbeta3215d ago

Sooner or later it'll become acceptable, games aren't for kids anymore

Tony P3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

My issue with "erotic games/movies/books/comics" ; etc is that too many ignore the noun.

Imo the game has to be solid regardless of any erotic content, like The Witcher. If you've got a good game concept then feel free to get liberal with the naughty parts.

I'm sure there's a place for pure porn somewhere, but I personally ain't interested unless it has something deeper.

Viper73215d ago

Maybe the day when most of the people who have never played video games stop to present the majority. Many countries and companies are still run by these people in their 50's who have never or barely played any video games and understand really nothing about them.

Nowadays the "gamer generation" is around their 20's or 30's so we can only hope that the AO games will be accepted outside of pc gaming.

Although I gotta admit that those Japanese visual novels, eroges, etc have certainly been on the rise this past 2 years with unofficial fan translations and piracy.

(Although it seems somehow funny to even say eroge when the "game" or "interactive" novel has only few actual erotic scenes which could easily be cut away to lower the rating to T).

FarEastOrient3215d ago

If you are in Japan it is already there...

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kraze073215d ago

Not anytime soon. It's a shame really.

CaliGamer3215d ago

The "erotic" section of gaming will probably become legitimized once they can achieve an acceptable level of fidelity. Unlike traditional gaming, there needs to be a certain level of believability before people begin to really blur the line and until that happens I think it will just be a novelty.
Interesting article.

Risque3215d ago

Why is it unusual for pornographic games to be treated the same as all other forms of pornography? AO only means retailers like WalMart don't shelve the titles, leaving it to "specialist" stores. You know, the places people who still buy porn get their porn.

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