Microsoft rumored to be working on integrating Xbox Live and Windows Mobile

Next version of Windows Mobile may let you log into Xbox Live account and interact with friends list.

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Elven63218d ago

I've always seen the possibilities of this happening! Imagine the Bioshock pipe game, when your out on the go you play it on your Zune, Windows Mobile phone, etc for 5 rounds. After you're done you sync it up to the Live servers, maybe even get a few achievements for it. Later you start playing Bioshock on your 360 and are credited the 5 wins/losses, etc!

green3218d ago

It's quie shocking that it is taking them so long to impliment such an obviously good idea to begin with. Why every single device under the Microsoft entertainment and devices division does not sync simlessly with one another is really silly.Well as they say, better late than never.

Alcon Caper3218d ago

Windows Mobile has always been horribly unsupported and quite honestly, I think it'll probably take a massive marketing campaign to put it on the same level as Live. Synching Live with Windows is nifty, but really, when did you last use it? My HTPC is linked with my 360, but since installing that feature, I haven't touched it. I'd love to be enlightened, though.

A mass marketing campaign that demonstrates the integration of Windows Mobile, however, may help encourage people to log onto Live from their phone while away. At work, on the bus, wherever, it could really add a new level of fun to Windows Mobile, which is seriously lacking.

But I really don't see them putting a whole lot of effort into this project. MS has so many eggs in their gaming basket, Natal, Zune HD, improvements to Live, the next XBox--I just don't see the company making Windows Mobile a priority. Windows Mobile already has a reputation for being "friendly to Windows users," which is somewhat is with regards to similar applications like Office etc. To put a gaming aspect MIGHT damage the image that they're trying to paint with the application, if damaging its reputation is possible...

Little skeptical.

The Happy Baby3218d ago

Give me XBLA games on my windows mobile phone and i'll be happy.
zune HD phone would be hella nice.

darthv723218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

It is actually what made me get a zune for my son over an ipod nano. There are plenty of movies and tv shows I can now dl on the zune from the marketplace. Not to mention the few games so far but the potential is there. Unfortunately it was not the "HD" version I got him but the unit is very nice for the price. Havent found a file yet that I can't transfer and then play back on the 360.

I take that copies from dvd's can't play on the zune. Go figure as MS makes digital copies work from media player and yet the zune uses its own software instead of WMP.

I find myself playing hexic on his zune from time to time. I'd like to see more games on the marketplace for the zune.

vhero3218d ago

Just another avenue for MS to start charging people $60 a year other than Xbox.

ThanatosDMC3218d ago

For another $50 annually...

Elven63218d ago

If you're paying $60 a year for a service that only costs $50 you might want to rethink those buying decisions.

GFWL is essentially Xbox Live on the PC and that is free, so is the Zune thing which is also just Xbox Live but geared towards movies and music (your XBL friends list is cross compatible with Zune).

RockmanII73218d ago
It's $40 a year, not $50. vhero your getting ripped off man (No offense if your a chick).

GVON3218d ago

Cool,will it work like remote play? you can't beat sreaming PJ monsters or FF7,so a similar feature would be cool for windows mobile users.

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Arsenic133218d ago

They need an Xbox app for the Zune HD. Seems perfect. And with its tegra chip we should get some real live enabled games. Achievements and junk.

nygamer283218d ago

oh really??great this will be exciting

tdrules3218d ago

but Windows Mobile is terrible :/
most of its features are integrated into Android, iPhone and Blackberry.
and how many XBL teenagers have a windows mobile phone

Bigpappy3218d ago

Maybe now, they will get a WM enabled phone. I have the HTC phone in that image (Touch Pro 2). It is a really neat phone. This phone is becoming very popular and could help WM numbers to increase. I would definaltly play the XB-live puzzle games on moble. It will save me some money and attract move developers to put their mini games on XB-live as a one-stop-shop.

tdrules3218d ago

WM has been around for 10 years, theres many reasons its not popular, although that is a very nice phone you got yourself there.
I have a HTC Hero on Android, i guess the OS is down to peronal situations

D4RkNIKON3218d ago

Windows mobile is terrible. I came here just to say that and it looks like you beat me to it.

mrv3213218d ago

I can't think of a single windows mobile device... I don't know what they are.

So what that the i-phones where $500 even at that point you couldn't compete... and now everyone wants an iphone.

Maybe iphone was selling 0 before it launched but so does everything.

Apple to date has sold 21 million iphones

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3218d ago
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