Gamasutra's Top 12 Games of the Decade

Gamasutra has announced its readers' Top 12 picks for Game Of The Decade vote, after yesterday's Honorable Mentions, with titles like Wii Sports and The Sims battling for the top spot for the last ten years.

To divine the top titles, readers responded to this question of naming a game released this decade for any console, handheld, PC or online platform, and why they believe it outdid any other:

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FishCake9T43215d ago

5. Halo
4. Gran Turismo 4
3. Call Of Duty 4
2. Metal Gear Solid 2/4
1. GTA Vice City/SA
Thats Mine

ryano232773215d ago

since it has been voted on, I can't really argue with that list:
But I've not known too many people that class GTA3 as the best GTA.

Also the 1 thing I noticed is that alot of these games are from early-mid decade with a few later ones (Wii ones at that)

Too me this shows that the "Casual" market exceeds the "Gamers" by alot and they have chosen games that if you seen someone play, you go and get it yourself and then think that the only games out is that particular game. They may buy 5 games in their console life.

Which is also the reason why the PS2 is selling, but those PS2 owners aren't even looking at the next gen yet.
And those that got hooked by seeing Wii Sports, either just play Wii Sports or they get the 10 games that sell well on the Wii and thats it.

Risque3215d ago

It's an interesting set of choices. GamaSutra puts a lot of thought into these, so it's hard to really pick a fight over their lists even when you disagree.

3215d ago
Picnic3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

For me, I would mention the Dreamcast. Shenmue was released in Japan in 1999 but elsewhere in 2000 - but I haven't played it.
Crazy Taxi was ported from the arcade to the Dreamcast in 2000 but it would be seen as too limited an arcade game by many of today's gamers to be picked.

Jet Set Radio, on the other hand, is a contender to be on this list for a few reasons. First of all, although a few other games had used cel shading at about the same time, Jet Set Radio's use of it had the effect of making it seem more 'hyper realistic' in a way rather than 'cartoony'.

GTA3 was mentioned for having an open world feel but Jet Set Radio had that feel in a way too. It was the first (and possibly last) time that I'd played a game that was about the funkiness of modern day urban Japan rather than the neo-noir Black Rain Ridley Scott kind of vision. It looked like a weird skating game but it was also a platformer. Just like owning a Dreamcast itself, it really was like being part of some underground movement and Jet Set Radio is still underground in a way because it's never sold in massive amounts.

I actually prefer the Dreamcast game rather than the Xbox one, for both level design and graphical style although the Xbox game does have some good music.

Pirateogta3215d ago

I stopped reading at Wii Sports.

Cheeseknight283215d ago

There are more factors put into a list like this than how good the game is. If one game can spawn millions of new gamers (Wii Sports) or revive a dying franchise and become the highest grossing video game of all time (World of Warcraft) then so be it.

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