Modern Warfare 2: Global Thermo Nuclear War Hack

Modern Warfare 2: Global Thermo Nuclear War hacked again, Video inside.

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Alcon Caper3217d ago

Looks kinda silly--a slow domination. I think it'd be neat if there were two nukes on the map and there was a race to see which team could nuke first.

BeaArthur3217d ago

That would be interesting, although that match would only last a few seconds because everyone would just run to the closest nuke and wait.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3217d ago

Bu, bu, bu, but... MW's multiplayerz iz da bestez evar!!!

3216d ago
BeaArthur3216d ago

Alcon Caper...even so, if there are 5 or 6 people at one nuke you are most likely not going to be able to get all of them. And it does not appear that the capture bar resets when you move away from the nuke so even if people were trying to disrupt the other team it would not be a very long match. Unless they made some changes to the game mode.

FamilyGuy3216d ago

You know this is a multi-platform game right, and that it was released on the PS3 as well? There was no fanboy name calling in his current comment so why are you complaining?

This game has so many hacks and glitches found solely because of how popular it is.

BabyStomper50003216d ago

"This game has so many hacks and glitches found solely because of how popular it is. "

This game has so many hacks and glitches found because of how glitchy it is. Halo 3 didn't have any of these problems, but then again they had a beta. IW should have had a beta to get rid of these problems before people spent $60 on it.

outlawlife3216d ago

actually the halo modding and hacking community is quite large, what about those screenshot files that freeze your xbox, oh and those people uploading porn into the vidshare

yeah nobody has ever hacked halo...

spvn3216d ago

What you're talking about is hacking the XBOX, NOT Halo 3, the game itself.

Shepherd 2143216d ago

I still play Halo 3 regularly. Most of Halo 3's glitches and exploits were fixed within months of the game's release with the Title Update 1 and Title Update 2 tweaks. The only problems with Halo multiplayer anymore are the players who manipulate their routers and connections to gain an advantage, which is a problem most games with P2P sessions have.

MW2 didnt beta test and they sure as hell didint refine their MP as well as halo and other games do.

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Nitrowolf23217d ago

well i'm actually kind of glad that this is hacked because i can totally see IW release this and charge for it. Other wise they better update there playlist for free

tdrules3217d ago

theyve never charged for a playlist update

outlawlife3216d ago

playlists are on a server, it isn't an update it is a hotchange, they can't charge for something that is not locally owned

they added several gametype for call of duty 4, already added a few for MW2

BeaArthur3217d ago

Interesting game mode. I pretty much play domination exclusively so even if this was available as a playlist I doubt I would ever play it.

BeaArthur3217d ago

Clearly you don't play a lot of games. I will admit that it pisses me off more often than I provides me with joy but it is definitely not the worst game I have ever played.

HardcoreGamer3217d ago



chak_3217d ago

actually some people would think "ahah teh COD hate" and all, but I really agree.

Got bored of SP after 1h, when arriving to the favelas (so many hate there :D), and same for me, no sensation while shooting.

tdrules3217d ago

i played it for 2 days and realised it was COD4 with overpowered sidearms and silly amount of killstreaks.
so i moved back to COD4, feels good man.

poindat3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

I have to say, I was very very very skeptical about Modern Warfare 2 until I actually bought my own copy (instead of playing other's), and the multiplayer is pretty addicting. Even then, though, I was still skeptical to how anybody could consider it GOTY quality.

But it does have it's (major) problems. Matchmaking is utter sh*t (put me in a game on the loosing side and with 10 seconds left will you? F*ck you IW) and so is spawning. And it looks like a PS2 game at points. And the guns are lifeless. And the maps are uninspired. And the idiots and noobs are rampant. And the killstreak-centered gameplay doesn't exactly work great... Why am I still playing this? Oh well.

If I did have any expectations for it though, I probably would have been very disappointed. Poorly made, poorly put together, but an addicting multiplayer. I wouldn't give it above an 8. IW really is terribly overrated... I may be getting my money's worth out of the multiplayer, but that doesn't stop me from seeing that ANY studio could put out and equal or better effort (in fact, they have).

HDgamer3217d ago

I will have to slightly agree with you. This game is just overrated piece of garbage but I still play it with friends.

bacon133216d ago


I completely agree. I have been on the MW2 boat since day 1 release and if it weren't for so many of my buddies playing along, I would have thrown it in the trash a long time ago. The killstreaks are just ridiculous and promote camping of the worst sort. It's not like you can get a nuke moving around the map like your meant to. I also noticed that playing this game on Live there are so many s**theads as opposed to PSN. I don't know if this is due to a headset accompanying the system but PSN is a much more enjoyable experience regarding this game.

BeaArthur3216d ago

bacon13...that's because nobody on PSN has a mic. Although I will say that when I don't feel like listening to some clowns it is nice to play Uncharted 2 or something other than a 360 game just because I can't stand about 60% of the Live users.

DaTruth3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

Saw this game played at a friends house the other day. I was surprised at the low quality graphics, even on a 20in screen. He was playing campaign, which just seems like a rail shooter, even though that breach mechanic is kinda cool and the smoke grenades made things interesting. But he pretty much played out the whole game in one sitting!

I can't attest to the multiplayer, as I haven't played or seen it played.

BeaArthur3216d ago

DaTruth....tell your friend to get a new TV. You can talk about this games graphics when you've watched on an HD TV (that is not a pathetic size).

vickers5003216d ago

"And the guns are lifeless."

Ok, now you're just trying to look for reasons to bash this game. How are the guns lifeless? The weapons in MW2 are some of the most distinct, and varied weapons of all time. If you want to talk about lifeless guns, then talk about every gun in killzone 2 except for the main isa issued assault rifle. Every gun in MW2 has a distinct feel to it, that doesn't feel like "just another assault rifle/pistol/sniper rifle".

And not all the maps are uninspired. There are some really good ones. Favela, Rundown, Skidrow and Terminal are all awesome maps. Derail and Karachi are ok, sub base, rust, and high rise suck (high rise is ok on certain occasions), but there are more good levels on the game than there are bad.

Pumbli3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

vickers500 - I must disagree, I find the weapons in MW2 just mainstream and boring. Though on your Killzone 2 point, I don't think it had the greatest variety or original ideas of weapons either, but somehow it felt more realistic and comfortable to fire a weapon in KZ2 then MW2.

My biggest problem with MW2 are the campers, guys that study every corner of the map and then just spread out to camping spots (but are occasionally forced to fight for them).

I don't have a big grudge against campers, heck, in TF2 I'm always a sniper. Well not always, when I see 4 of the 8 guys on my team in TF2 are snipers I don't take the sniper class, I switch to scout or soldier.

I also think the level design in most of the multiplayer levels in MW2 pretty much sucks.

To be honest I'd rather sit down with a few buddies and play a good game of Nazi zombies on CoDWaW rather then special ops in MW2.

Blackfrican3216d ago

You probably think the level design sucks because, just like all call of dutys, they do not design maps specifically for multiplayer, they cookie-cut portions of single player and wall them them in. While asymmetrical levels are nice when balanced, some levels definitely have advantageous spawn-points, especially when playing top competition.

Pumbli3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

Blackfrican - Oh yeah... The spawnpoints. Now there's a thing IW managed to screw up big time. I know they use parts from the campaign, I've played every CoD since CoD1 became a game.

But there was almost always some interesting spots they picked for the mp levels to take place, like Countdown and Bog in CoD4, some of my favorite levels. Compare that to a level like Favela, yuck... That's probably the worst multiplayer map I've ever played.

I do enjoy the occasional game of MW2 but they took from me my AK-47 and force me to work like crazy for it back... (I won't do that btw) That's not an easy thing to forgive.

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