Final Fantasy XIII review by Gamekult

Gamekult is a very popular french webzine.
Here is the test of the wordly anticipated FF XIII on PS3.
The webzine gives a special selection when the game worth it, for Final Fantasy XIII it seems that the reviewer did not give it.

To all : Here is the notation system of Gamekult :

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rbluetank3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

can the game be this average? i am still getting it but squaresEQ needs to pick their game up!!!!

ginsunuva3213d ago

Please thank a certain console and a certain greedy company...

PC_Enthusiast 3213d ago

I hate you i will never buy an xbox of any kind in my life!!!!!

Saaking3213d ago

Yep, the game was promised to be this huge genre defining game by square enix and it all went okay... that is until they announced it was going multiplat. Ever since then it seems the game has just not been as good as expected. I'll still get it, but my hype is for FFversusXIII not FFXIII.

Elven63213d ago

Where is your proof that Microsoft is responsible for this and not Square Enix?

Stinkinmushroom3213d ago

I know this website cause i'm french. It's a stupid website that gives bad scores to big games just for attention. Check other big games like MGS, other FF, etc.. you'll see

himdeel3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

...and it seems to me that FF13 has the same cloud around it as GTA4 did. Because it's the next big thing and because it's the first next gen FF game there WILL be a lot of folks sporting rose colored glasses. This is not to say that it won't be a good game but we see, hear, and enjoy what we want to enjoy.

We'll have to wait and see but I can guarantee this game will get some inflated scores just because and some deflated scores...just because.

MAiKU3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

Thank you for taking all the potential away

For eliminating the possibility to drive creativity

For taking away the possibility of going further and pushing a system to its limits.

For making a once glorious developer think inside the box


And special thanks to S-E for selling out their game to multiplat on console not suited for the RPG fanbase.

Eamon3213d ago

To all fools who are now complaining that it's MS's fault.

Wasn't it just a while ago you were all complaining that it's linear.

It's got nothing to do with any console. Whether this game was to be exclusive or not, this is the gameplay that FF13 has. Although it's sad, the people to be blamed are the developers which is Square-Enix.

They probably should have stuck by the original formula of Final Fantasy with menu and command orientated combat.

To be honest, I don't care about modern demands from RPG games where it HAS to be action based. Lost Odyssey's gameplay was very fun (only the story sucked).

I doubt I will see the day when S-E will return to the old school gameplay we loved and grew up with.

3213d ago
GrandDragon3213d ago

Shoot...Shoot, Kill, Scream...Camp (Repeat mindlessly)

Seems to be the formula for achieving big sales and near perfect scores these days.


sikbeta3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

Guys is not M$ fault for gave money to SE, is SE fault for accept and this new "making games everywhere" strategy that is hurting them more than they thought

Great Move Wada and Crew, you're going to F*ck up SE and after that, Sony will need to buy some stocks again to save your and everyone at SE @$$€$

Cold 20003213d ago

If Lost Odyssey is everything FF13 IS NOT then how can this be the 360's fault ?

Anyways, I'll patiently wait till March to make my own opinion on the game. Not that I'm worried that is wont be stellar :)

Saaking3213d ago

How would MS be responsible? Other than creating a lesser console, they had nothing to do with FFXIII's problems. It was all SE's fault. They promised big, but unlike ND and GG they did not deliver. Or so it seems. Again, I'm gonna wait to actually play the game before passing judgment on it.

ukilnme3213d ago

@ some of the above.

Who says a 7 is bad? So stuck on blaming MS for everything. I am sure you will cling to FFversusXIII unless it goes multiplatform. If it does you will say it sucks too and blame MS again. Clowns like you are the reason N4G is such a laughing stock.

MAiKU3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

It's so straight forward because adding more than that would have meant more data, more content that 3 xbox discs can't handle.

Think for a little bit, this game is a just a straight play through with nothing in between to do on the side.

Do you thin SE, with all their tools, would have left it like that if they didn't have any data space constraints?

And no, people were blaming xbox from the start ever since it was announced as multi platform.

A core final fantasy has always been about pushing the system it was on to it's limits and doing more than any other game could do on that system.

What you have with XIII is nothing of the sort, just a bunch of pretty pictures with less content than there could have been.

I will take my last statement back and Say it wasn't Microsoft's fault, but rather SE's fault. It was S-E's stupid decision to go multiplat with such a pathetic platform not suited to the RPG fanbase.

Obama3213d ago

"If Lost Odyssey is everything FF13 IS NOT then how can this be the 360's fault ?"

LO only got like 78 average? Hardly an AAA game that can take ff place. ff13 may even score lower but all ff fans are waiting for the versus.

Eamon3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

There have been games on 360 with EXCELLENT GAMEPLAY.

Are you telling me S-E couldn't make a game with good gameplay due to Xbox 360 limited capabilities.

I'm sorry but that's just Bullsh1t.

I can understand if people complain about 360 causing graphics or content to be lessened. But gameplay is a completely different issue.

Regardless of console, it's up to the developer to make sure gameplay is fun. It's got nothing to do with the platform you are developing for.

@Obama: No, FF fans are waiting for FF games. A sad fanboy waits for his exclusives.


Edit at below: lol, my desperation? (Unless you're talking about how I am despeate for FF13 to be a good game) Annoyed would be the right word. And that would be due to, unsuprisingly, console bashing.
Sorry about my profanity but that's just how I speak in real life. "pathetic childish ploy" <-- LOL, now I think you're making stuff up. And I think fanboys are more suited for the Open Zone mate. I saw you're above comments, and you seem to be one.

MAiKU3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

I can smell your desperation from all the way over here.

If you wanna use profanity or some pathetic childish ploy on it the open zone be thatta way --->.

And already we see 3 discs on the 360 version of the game. Is that not inferior to you? you do know they are developing primarily on the ps3 and porting over to the 360?

Gameplay such as the battle system is not an issue, at least not with me... How linear it is, that is an issue. How much content there should be in this game is an issue. All that requires more data space.

Oh you talk with profanity with the exclamation point replacing the I in real life? I wonder how that works. I thought that was some kiddie way to avoid guidelines but i guess i'm wrong. *shrugs* my bad.

Limitations are limitations eamon, you can't rid yourself of that. The developer himself has stated numerous times that certain things had to be kept at a certain level to balance out the 2 console versions of the game.

And as far as this console bashing thing is concerned, i'm providing a legitimate argument concerning the topic here. The xbox 360 disc hold less data than a blue ray disc. less content. That isn't fanboyism, that's a fact and plays a vital role in a multiplatform game in terms of content.

I don't think that's such a fanboyish statement when there's hard evidence of how much memory can be held on a disc.


Oh i'm sorry i guess i didn't explain it earlier, i hate the 360. That doesn't mean i hate the other platforms out there. That's just plain hate and not fanboyism. K? Or i'm a fanboy of hating the 360... i could see how that works.

creatchee3213d ago

Really? It's hard to smell Eamon's fragrance over the brutal stench of that fanboyism that you're wearing.

Ocelot5253213d ago

don't trust such amateur websites, they just want to raise controversy to increase the number of visitors

Cold 20003213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

"@Obama: No, FF fans are waiting for FF games. A sad fanboy waits for his exclusives."

That is so true! Bubbles!

Almost nobody used to talk much about Versus when FF13 was exclusive. It was all about FF13. The day it went multiplat all of a sudden there was a whole lot of "bah I never cared about FF13, Versus is way better", "FF13 is too girly" FF8 and especially FF10 were a whole lot girlier or "true fans are waiting for Versus".

What are you guys going to sa when Versus goes multiplat? I mean this is SE, you guys get get back in touch with reality.

@Obama:"Yes and most Japanese gamers are apparently disappointed with ff 13. So which is the next ff game? FF versus." Yeah right, ok, I'll take your word for that, you're special reporter in Japan right lol.

Anorexorcist3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

But hey, look at what's going on with FFXIII and try to use some basic deduction skills.

No major entry in the entire FF franchise has come this low with starting review scores. Even the under appreciated entry Final Fantasy XII did not come with such doubt before launch and as of now FFXIII has not sold as much as FFXII, either at launch or unit outlay in Japan. That in itself is a change because we all know the Japanese are certainly the most discerning Final Fantasy audience.

I mean seriously, look at the reality of this current situation with the franchise and The Xbox 360 itself; The Xbox crowd are known to not exactly migrate towards JRPGs and FFXIII is being criticized for being too "straight-forward and streamlined" which sounds like a design decision intended to accommodate less RPG-competent patrons like the Xbox 360 audience.

MS itself may not be directly responsible for the Franchise's turn around (after all, all MS did was write a check and give a handshake), but Final Fantasy straying from its core audience/design template is indicative of at least SOME influence that the Xbox 360 has had on the franchise.

Obama3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

"FF fans are waiting for FF games"

Yes and most Japanese gamers are apparently disappointed with ff 13. So which is the next ff game? FF versus.

"Almost nobody used to talk much about Versus when FF13 was exclusive. It was all about FF13"

Where did you get this from? I remember when the versus trailer was released ppl are saying how it looks way more interesting than ff 13.

Elven63213d ago

MrJackOfAllTrades: So because I ask a completely logical question I am suddenly a fanboy?

Since you claim to be a master of such logic, please explain how this is Microsoft's fault and not anyone elses?

blizzard_cool3213d ago

I'm a die hard Sony fanboy but there is still no proof that MS is responsible for FFXIII flopping (even thou I didn't play the game myself so I can't judge if it's a flop).

3213d ago
kws10653213d ago

MS: "Everything I touch turns to sxxt"

blizzard_cool3213d ago

Is Drake finally good enough to be quoted?! Even better then Sullys ass :O

Redempteur3213d ago

gamekult will never give a good score to their big titles because they need hits ...

They always does their review like that

Still gonna buy it regardless

GameGambits3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

I'm over 100 hours into FF13 on my Japanese version.

I give it a 9/10.

For reference here's how the other FF games rack up in my book(I won't include the pre PS1 era ones, because I give all those 9/10s from 3-6, but maybe exception to FF5 being slightly above a 9 as it was my favorite of the pre PS1 era FFs)

FF11-9.3/10(I spent 6 years playing this MMO)

That's how it sits in that book for me. It's just as good as FFX was for its time, and this is just as good for our time now.

Just ask yourself how did FF10 sit with you, and you'll know how FF13 should sit with you as well.

Eamon3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

MAiKU, I just read your new edited comment.

You seem to be avoiding what I keep point out to you.

G a m e p l a y

The console's limitations does not have an effect on whether the game will be fun or not. Proof: The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess. One of the best games ever made and made on a console much more limited than the 360 or PS3. If FF13 is as bad as reviews make it, then S-E couldn't make a good enough game on consoles with much more technical capabilities. The technology of consoles takes into a huge effect when talking about graphics, presentation, content etc.
I will repeat myself again, gameplay is completely up to the developers to handle.

If what you say is true, then why has Fallout 3, Oblivion, Eternal Sonata, Bioshock, Dragon Age Origins, Tales of Vesperia been successful? They are all multiplatform games.

I don't hate xbox 360 or PS3. I have both and enjoy games on both platforms. I've said this before and I'll say this again; In the end, the fanboys lose and the gamers win.

"Oh i'm sorry i guess i didn't explain it earlier, i hate the 360."
^^^ You damn well should have. Otherwise I wouldn't have bothered posting any comments towards you.

Anyway, this is my last bubble and now I feel foolish because I wasted my time when I knew from the beginning that it's impossible to get through to a fanboy.


chaosatom3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

It they had more space, then they could have put towns.

It's going to be 4 discs anyways but to avoid having more discs, they decided to cut out the towns part.

I am not sure if linearity was implemented so people won't have to constantly switch out discs, but I don't think that's a big issue as much as not having lots of towns and stuff.

That's what made FF7 so good, and it's epic proportion maps.

CrazzyMan3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

I mean, really, EVERY main FF game was always a HIGH QUALITY game.
I know, many hated FFXII, but it still was a high quality game, AND i liked it. I liked both FFX and FFXII.

It`s really hard for me to believe this score.
Maybe this all hate because FFXIII went multiplatform,
OR because x360 really limited FFXIII.

I still will get FFXIII and won`t count on those reviews, but only on my experience. This time, i really have no trust in reviews.

Rocket Sauce3213d ago

It's hilarious how people always find a way to blame the Xbox for everyone else's problems.

"FF 13 got a 7/10 - Damn you Microsoft!"
"I spilled my coffee - M$ made me do it!"
"There's no toilet paper in the bathroom - Xbox strikes again!"

leila013213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

You know Lost Odyssey and Tales of Vesperia are on the X360, you know that right?
You also know that FFXIII had only 8gb of non-FMV content, you knew right?

Anyway, it's still a day one purchase for me.

Dutch Boogie3213d ago

Most of you losers who are defending M$ and SE don't relies that MGS4 was on a 50gig blu ray disc and the game was epic. SE could have used a 50gig blu ray disk for FF13 but that wouldn't be practical for M$. That would mean SE has to royalties for extra disks and that is why they settled for 25gigs only.

darthv723213d ago

I think people are playing this off as guilty by association. Honestly, the gameplay looks to be what square had in mind from the beginning. If people recall the first look, it still resembles the finished product. That was way before MS got involved and wanted a copy for themselves.

The fact MS got involved labeled this an automatic fail in people's minds. seeing as we will never know the real intentions of this game and its creation because the moment square said it was coming for the 360 I saw a lot of wind die from the sails of ps3 gamers.

It happened to GTA. If the game isnt exclusive to one console then the gamers will begin feeling as if they have no interest in it anymore. Multiplat doesnt ruin gaming like people want to believe. Hype kills gaming and everyone has different levels of personal hype they apply to titles. If you dont let yourself get super hyped then you wont feel as let down by the end result. It could very well surprise you if you keep a neutral stance until try for yourself.

Immortal Kaim3213d ago

The people who are already claiming this game sucks without even playing it = morons...

The people who claim MS is to blame for the apparent linear nature of FFXIII = morons...

The people who still can't get over the fact that Final Fantasy XIII is no longer PS3 exclusive = morons

Sorry Saaking, you're clearly a moron, nothing you can say or do will change this.

p.s Add Maiku and dutch to the list as well...

TROLL EATER3213d ago

maybe they reviewed the inferior ps3 version. like bayonetta lool

3213d ago
Pozzle3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

I'm not going to blame Microsoft for something they have no bearing on. Square Enix simply made a bad (or average) game. They promised something big, and they didn't deliver. And it's a shame that people are blaming MS for ruining Final Fantasy, when it's Square Enix's fault for 1) accepting MS's offer, and 2) creating a game that didn't live up to expectations.

Even if the 360 DID hinder the game's development, that doesn't mean the game was destined to be crap. You can still paint a beautiful picture with half a packet of paint. Square clearly didn't do that.

Even if the game WAS a PS3 exclusive, that doesn't guarantee FFXIII woul dhave been good. For all we know, Square Enix would have still made an average Final Fantasy. Maybe they simply didn't have their hearts in it this time around.

DaTruth3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

I don't care what platforms it's on, or how much it's been downgraded; That was a great trailer that even has my girl wanting to play it(she does not play video games and has little interest in them).

Multiplat has a bad reputation for ruining games. When we see the quality of PS3 exclusives and then play the crappy multis, whenever a multiplat goes bad, PS3 owners know what to blame! MS has too little true exclusives to know what their exclusive quality is.

Multiplat just has a bad name!

MAiKU3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

Oh my god seriously.

The major problem with this game is that it is so LINEAR.

LINEAR means STRAIGHT THROUGH, meaning NO CONTENT IN BETWEEN such as side quests and extra challenges. That the whole complaint when a game is LINEAR. That too, is part of the gameplay and the most common complaint. I am not avoiding anything, READ.

Other than the characters being fully healed after the battles i don't see how the battle system, the only other major means in the factor of gameplay besides the content, is that much of a problem.

I won't go into the whole profanity thing 'cause you totally missed the satire and i don't have the time to go over something you should have learned a long time ago. Stay in school champ.

My extreme hate for a console has no role in my valid argument, i know you'd like to think so but no deary not today. maybe in the open zone. And i don't post in articles that deal with the 360 only so don't bother looking. Wii/DS/PSP/PS2/PS3/PC FTW.

Oh, and this isn't the only game out there for the ps3 that has suffered in quality because it's a multi platform game. regardless of the reasons.

By the way, i still think the game is great. Not as great as it could have been, but still worth the buy.

Now this is when we say peace, kay?

Marceles3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

God I hate people that bash games that they haven't played yet, the game is awesome post game and it's practically just like FFX. I'm 70 hrs into the game and having more fun with it even more after the story was over. Play the damn game first.

There ARE sidequests and "content in-between", you'll be on this game well over 100 hours by the time you've done everything you can. You might heal after every battle, but the battles aren't a cake walk. Each character is pretty much required to be alive during the fights or else you'll die. It's not like you can have 2 characters die like in previous FFs but your main character is so tanked out that you'll easily kill the enemies anyway. If 2 or even 1 of your players are dead against a reasonably tough enemy, you might as well restart on FF13 because it's game over.

rezenu3213d ago

Before we play the blame game on Microsoft, did anyone consider that maybe it could be Square's fault? I would like to play the game for myself and see the gameplay for myself before I place blame on anyone.

ikral3212d ago

...i should leave my FFXII unfinished, so i can play it in 2010. And yes, don´t be haytin´, we ´re all in the same sh!t. Happy New Year to PS3-ers and X360-ers, and to the oth-ers.

AAACE53212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

One thing stands out to me... "French magazine!"

Americans and Japanese seem to have different opinions than other territories. Didn't Kotaku give it a 39/40? Most American game reviewers will probably give it no less than a 9.

I don't want to offend anyone because i'm not too familiar with the area, but isn't france part of the UK? Don't they seem to prize Racing games and Soccer ( futbol) and shooters more than JRPG's?

I say take the review with a grain of salt. It's obvious that alot of you guys were hoping the game would be crappy so you could blame it on the multiplat status.

In the past, developers have made a game for one system, and made a game better on another system to take advantage of the other systems power! So it's the developer you should be mad at. When the Ps1 was out, they made games a bit better on there while the Sega Saturn and N64 had to suffer. Last gen, when they ported GTA 3 and VC to the 360, they took advantage of the xbox's power and made the graphics slightly better with better explosions.

It's the developer in the end... and let's not forget that SE hasn't been making the best of games as of late!

Alvadr3212d ago

What have SE been doing for the past 5 years. Its slowly becoming clear why Sony didnt lock this down as an exclusive, they may have not been overly impressed with it.

Still day one purchase for me though

bakasora3212d ago

So FF13 flops? Lets go for FF13v. (And wait like it seems forever) No wait, Final Fantasy has gone out of its root. So lets wait for Kingdom Hearts 3 instead.

Consoldtobots3212d ago

"There have been games on 360 with EXCELLENT GAMEPLAY.

Are you telling me S-E couldn't make a game with good gameplay due to Xbox 360 limited capabilities.

I'm sorry but that's just Bullsh1t"

it's IGNORANCE like this that keeps MS in business.

DatNJDom813212d ago

that microsoft's strategy was to gimp all games that were multiplat so that their version was superior. I could of sworn I read that as a news article someone posted up here. Aww well can't remember exactly where it was so I can't really use that as evidence. I agree that se dropped the ball on this one. all the blame shouldn't be targeted on microsoft, although, they do have some of the blame. the majority of the blame should be on se though. they are the ones that messed this up. aww well not even picking this up. will pick up a non gimped version called ff13vs and hopefully pick up the redone version of ff7 if its a ps3 exclusive.

CimmerianDrake3212d ago

Every other FF game, from Nintendo to Sony, that was the first FF game to appear on a new gen console pushed the boundaries of story, gameplay, and technology.

Every 360 JRPG has been mediocre at best, and clearly clones of better JRPG games.

Now FFXIII is being called slightly above average as a whole. It's the first FF game of the new gen consoles, and is mediocre. Can you do the math?

Monkey5213212d ago

I am not trying to defend Square at all, but I kind of want to wait for reviews by some people I know of....not these unknowns. Just saying...

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FishCake9T43213d ago

Wow. This game is no where near as good as i thought it would be. Ill just wait till remake of 7.

Rocket Sauce3213d ago

If they remake FF 7, the same people who made this game are probably going to work on it.

TROLL EATER3213d ago

Lors de son périple, Lightning va rencontrer un certain nombre de protagonistes qui vont tous, à un moment ou un autre, se retrouver liés par la marque des L'cie.

"During his journey, Lightning will meet a number of players who are all at one time or another, find themselves bound by the brand of IE"

does this magazine even know lighting is a woman? ill wait for proper reviews not some back street french mag

mfwahwah3212d ago


Most of the FF7 team is on Versus XIII. That means they did work on XIII, but as extra help. I still don't see what your point is, though.

Rocket Sauce3212d ago

Squaresoft was great, Square Enix has always sucked. If you think this game looks bad, you should be afraid of what they'd do to FF 7.

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rebirthofcaos3213d ago

well at least WKC is almost at the corner.I cant wait to play it

Sangria3213d ago

Just to inform people, Gamekult is the french equivalent of Edge. They are not hype-sensitive, they are not corruptible, their reviews are not commercial-oriented.

For example, they gave Halo 3 a 7, Fallout 3 a 7, Killzone 2 a 8, Modern Warfare 2 a 8, Dragon Age Origins a 6 on consoles and 8 on PC, etc...

They are very hard with reviews but they are fair and truly unbiased. Among all the French video game websites, they are the only ones I trust. When a game is a crap, they just say it.
Their scale:
- 7: Good.
- 8: Very Good.
- 9: Excellent.
- 10: Perfect.

GrandDragon3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

Well In that case they made some elemental mistakes.

All characters in this Game can have access to all 6 types of Optima, and the Crystarium becomes far more complex and branches out once players reach the World Map.

I couldn't understand it entirely because of the translation but the arguments they made for the most part were valid.

I guess this site will never rate any game above an 8 (I find it hilarious that they rated MW2 an 8 WOW)

Obama3213d ago

Gamekult may not be bias but Edge certainly is.

Baka-akaB3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

it is quite an insult imo to Gamekult to compare them to the edge . dont worry they are everything i think you said . I just dont believe Edge is the same way .

Ravage273213d ago

can't believe i waited 4+ years for this