Atomic Gamer: Rogue Warrior Review

Atomic Gamer writes: "It doesn't take more than a few minutes of playing Rogue Warrior to realize that the game sucks. I was already privy to this fact, of course. I opted not to spend much time checking out the E3 build at this year's show, because the game didn't look interesting in the slightest. Only a little coercion from the real-life Dick Marcinko, who was looming ominously in Bethesda's closed door kiosk on the show floor, could've convinced me otherwise. Not that I think Marcinko's not a nice guy. He may've been a stone-cold killer, but he seemed willing enough to hang out in Bethesda's closed-door kiosk on the show floor chatting amongst journalists and Bethesda demo reps."

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Johnny53218d ago

18/100 is a little high don't you think?

mrv3213218d ago

I am buying it just because of GiantBomb quick look.

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