OpenGL 2.1 vs DirectX

Screenshots comparing OpenGL 2.1 against DirectX v9 & 10

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Lord Anubis5160d ago (Edited 5160d ago )

in my opinion and eyes Open GL looks better.

Here are OpenGL 2.1 Specifications PDF.

I'm sure everyone knows OpenGL is only about graphics.

///////////////////////////// ////////////// disclose:ID Software and John Carmack,will proclamation a mystery Games(Use OpenGL 2.1 API) in September. graphics technic can achieve the tiptop!!!!

BitbyDeath5160d ago

Sure does, i wonder if that is a game or if that's just a tech demo of what it can do.

OpenGL 2.1 looks amazing

23478ueyur_9382235160d ago

I would say OpenGL 2.1, then DX10, and then of course 9.

The top and bottom left renders are pretty ridiculous. Crysis of course is awesome in DX10.

Hydrolex5160d ago (Edited 5160d ago )

Thats the next generation !! When you look at DX 10 thats nothing ! Seriously that's nothing compared to OpenGl 2.1. I thought Dx 10 is the next generation but now I say DX 10 is made for last generation. I showed the Open Gl pictures to someone and he said I cannot believe it is a game.

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The story is too old to be commented.