PlayDevil: Tekken 6 Review - Go away Street Fighter IV

PlayDevil has posted an in-depth review of Namco's latest fighting game "Tekken 6" for the X360.

Here's a snip:

"The first thing that hits you is the immense amount of game modes which features the original arcade mode, team battles, online and local multiplayer in addition to the welcome practice mode which certainly helps to hone your skills."

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Ninji3212d ago

No. I'd take SF4 over this garbage any day and I don't even really like SF4 (I liked the older games though).

Eric Cartman3212d ago

Even though Tekken 6 was kind of a disappointment, I'd still prefer it to other fighting games.

Street Fighter IV is certainly a good game, but as a huge fighting games fan, I think it's a bit overrated.

Up to this moment, no fighting game is as hardcore as Tekken. I understand if people didn't like it because, like Killzone, it needs patience and experience to enjoy the game. Didn't like the big boobs (I think it's lame for a well-established franchise to resort to sex appeal) and I most certainly didn't like the lame scenario story. Online could have been better. It's still a great game, it's just that it didn't live up to expectations, unfortunately.

Simon_Brezhnev3211d ago

not sure bout that blazblue is a hardcore fighting game and the best one this gen

Risque3211d ago

Tekken isn't really hardcore. It's gotten more and more casual-oriented as time has gone on - there's a reason they spent more time fleshing out Scenario mode than they spent making sure their netcode was up to scratch (it wasn't and still isn't; whoops!). They honestly don't care about making a good games any more.

It's also easily the mash-friendliest and most juggle-heavy fighter you could play.

Eric Cartman3211d ago

Tekken is certainly juggle heavy, but you need a skilled player to perform juggles, and that's one reason I like it. It's by no means mash-friendly unless both players are noobs (Hwoarang, anyone?).

When I say hardcore, I'm not talking about online, but the game mechanics, the balanced characters and the huge amount of moves.

Tekken 6 by itself offers nothing new, even dumbed down some of the elements, but builds upon a solid and highly detailed game, so on its own, it merits praise as an individual game.

Soul Calibur 4 was the same, it was hardly different from 3, but still an excellent game nonetheless.

angelrebirth3211d ago

Tekken is a mainstream game, Street Fighter IV is accessible to beginner but the difference is that in Tekken you can do combo with no skills. It's a bit fustrating for the one who try to play technical.
It's ridiculous, Tekken is not better. It's just like a mix with a lot of different fighting games with no logic.