Insomniac staying out of Church vs. Sony scandal

Joystiq has been wondering where Resistance: Fall of Man developer Insomniac was in this whole Church of England vs. Sony kerfuffle. Turns out they are keeping their head down and letting Sony Europe handle it. received a statement from Sony America's spokesmeister Dave Karraker and he said, "SCEE is handling all the communications from there on the matter and is dealing directly with the authorities in Manchester ... We are viewing this as a conversation between the Church and SCEE and don't plan on making any further announcements regarding it."

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ErcsYou4739d ago

" we shouldnt fight, we should help the chimera find religon." quoted from the makers of the game

RESISTANCE. the rise of jesus

drtysouf214739d ago

Hmmm this whole ordeal is silly.

Omicronn4739d ago

I would think its pretty weird that the church wants to fight the Million dollar lawyers of any big company over something like this.

Maybe they could spend the money on feeding the poor instead of hiring their own million dollar lawyers, or any law firm that wanted to do this for the popularity could maybe donate the money their $2k an hour people get paid to the poor.

So many problems in the world and the church find this to fight.

Talk about sad... this is a up their with the best.

Shame on the church...

This is why people should believe in God, and not some institution that abuses the money people give to it for the better of PEOPLE. Not their pockets.

ITR4739d ago

The thing is Sony will lose millions defending it's self.

While the church will get high stake lawyers for free.
Hell even local churches here have pro bono lawyers.

Mr_Kuwabara4739d ago

If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't had learned about this church in the first place.

caffman4739d ago

bearing in mind that you are talking about the biggest religion in the UK and one of the biggest cathedrials, I think that you're statement is profoundly Bull.

THAMMER14739d ago

If your scared go to CHURCH.

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The story is too old to be commented.