Dragon Age: Origins Return to Ostagar DLC trailer released

PS3Clan writes: Dragon Age: Origins will get DLC as announced. Here's the trailer of the Dragon Age: Origins Return to Ostagar DLC. Enjoy!

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budbundystyles3214d ago

Do they even need to say that the PS3 version ships later at this point? As I did with Fallout 3, If you don't care to offer simultaneous DLC releases, then I don't care to spend my money on your prdouct.

ukilnme3214d ago

That does suck and is the reason why I refuse to buy Batman: AA for PS3 until the price drops to $30, but at least the content is coming to the PS3. Maybe it will be better.

budbundystyles3214d ago

Did I miss something? The only DLC inconsistency for AA I was aware of was the exclusive Joker content. Which was for PS3, ergo I am puzzled why you are waiting to buy that version.

Ravage273214d ago

then they won't get a cent from me, as simple as that

Cosquae3214d ago

It was designed and made for the PC as the primary platform.

It was a quick and easy process to port it over to the 360 so it can be released at the same time, but the PS3 is a little different and since they (Bioware) do all their PS3 work inhouse for this game (and this is the first game they've done that for), sometimes it takes a little longer to get it right.

Personally I think better to take a little longer to get it right first time than have the debacle that was Fallout 3's DLC woes when they were released.

ukilnme3214d ago (Edited 3214d ago )

@ budbundystyles

I am a PSWii60 owner. You were saying that you will not be buying this DLC because it will not have a simultaneous release on the PS3. I felt the same way about GTAIV, Fallout 3 and Batman: AA. My point was that I am not supporting any multiplatform games with exclusive or timed DLC until the price is much lower than the original asking price.

crck3214d ago (Edited 3214d ago )

I don't think it is exclusive or a timed deal. Just that it takes them longer to get the ps3 version out. It's not like the fallout 3 deal where MS paid to get it 6 months earlier and put the clamps on bethesada where they couldn't even talk about ps3 dlc. Obviously if money had exchanged hands they wouldn't even mention dlc for ps3.

I had hopes that this would be some meaty dlc but at only $5 bucks its probably only good for a hour or two.

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