Impressive Crysis Shots

Some of the best screenshots of Crysis.

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toaster3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

It's supposed to be screenshots, not real photos. ;)

bigboss9113212d ago

the only reason people play this, is bcuz its so pretty. if it was as ugly as mw2, no one would care.

champ213212d ago

it is an awesome game.

i just finished another playthrough of warhead. it just didnt receive the kind of hype games like mw2 receive.

Kurylo3d3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

crysis definently buries modern warfare 2. But hype tends to get peoples attention a lot more. Hype effects people makn them think its the best thing ever.

I dont know if any other game that makes u feel like your in a jungle crawling through bushes... and i mean really there...

segasage3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

someone doesn't praise or appreciate superior grafix unless it's on thier console....waaaaah

Christopher3212d ago

I honestly don't care about what graphics are possible with the top-of-the-line machine in the game, I want to see screenshots that will represent what I'll be seeing on my one year-old gaming laptop that can't play Mass Effect @1920x1200 on the best graphics without lagging all over the place.

mint royale3212d ago


Why are u here then?

Christopher3212d ago

Same reason you are, freedom to express my opinion. Just because you don't like my opinion doesn't mean it doesn't belong here.

Kurylo3d3212d ago

@ cgoodno

my laptop runs crysis on high settings at 30 fps .. and can do very high at 20 and its 2 years old :) and i bought it for 700 dollars when i get it. It has a 9700 gts in it. run it at 1440 widescreen resolution.

So your argument about it.. needing a supercomputer.. well.. failed...
but dont feel bad. That is the general thought that most people have come to beleive... cause of people who are mad their graphics cards that run half life cant run crysis.

FantasyStar3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

Doesn't change the fact your post is irrelevant to the article. The article is about Crysis, not your personal views on graphics.

bigboss9113212d ago

dude gameplay>graphics any day of the week. yes its awesome to look at but in the end its just another shooter. and im a big fan of pc games. pc>consoles anyday of the week also. but hackzorz on pc games and the price to keep up is why i play mostly on consoles. combat arms was awesome but the only map i loved was always being hacked, and so i quit playing. just bcuz there is a crap ton of fanboys on here doesnt mean everyone on here is. so take your ignorant comments somewhere else please.

Christopher3212d ago

How is not on topic considering the 'impressive screenshots' are of the game in the highest mode available and my post is about wanting to see it in a mode that I know my computer will play at? The topic is about screenshots, I replied about screenshots...

@Kurylo3d: You do know this is a combination of Crysis 2 and modded with extremely high quality and high resolution textures in Crysis screenshots, right? Both, to view in full mode, require a good gaming computer to play at a smooth 30fps. Just because you can play Crysis with its own textures on HQ @ 1440 doesn't mean you will be able to do the same with these. In fact, with that video card, I can guarantee you won't. Heck, I wish I could play with some of the sweet texture mods for Oblivion, which these put to shame, but I just can't unless I play at a subpar resolution (I'm on a 1920 res. monitor) or on a desktop from the last year with a good video card and processor.

Seriously guys, if you don't like my opinion, fine, but don't try and give reason why I should post it.

Marceles3212d ago

"1.1 -
the only reason people play this, is bcuz its so pretty"

The game was actually good

reneki3212d ago

@all hating the game

does mw2 have nano suits with speed, strength and cloak that can all be used in multiplayer with vehicles and crazy weapons?? this game is not like any other shooters i've ever played, and most of the rest are the same forumla.

Saaking3212d ago

Crysis is a really fun game. People pay too much attention to the graphics (and I don't blame them), but the game IS actually a lot of fun.

ico923211d ago

the people that say it has amazing graphics but bland gameplay clearly havn't played the game , the nano suit gives you many ways of approaching the enemy and its pretty deep as well also firing a weapon feels realistic

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table3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

The jungle environments put even uncharted2 to shame. The character models are pretty close, Uncharted holds its own in that respect however we won't see these sort of environments until the next gen of consoles. Some of those screenshots look photorealistic.

shazui1233212d ago

how recycled the character models are until I saw these shots. Seriously there are only like 2 or 3 diffo. enemy models, wtf :S
Plus im not sure, crysis' ingame scenery is quite a bit better than UC2's however the gap isn't that big to be fair. Plus UC2 has superior animation and things like cloth modelling. Seriously though this game was poor gameplay-wise. Uncharted 2's gameplay puts crysis to shame.

LightofDarkness3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

Well I think you've just shown you haven't played the game at all, really.

Those aren't enemy models. That's a shot clearly taken from within the sandbox editor, showing one of the main story characters, code-named "Prophet." They just spammed in a bunch of different versions of his character model (the ones with the mask on are just generic nano-suit models). So in essence, those are all different versions of a SINGLE character, not a group of characters.

And, honestly, the gap between environments in UC2 and Crysis is quite huge. UC2 can have very pretty, but very "closed" environments. Almost every item visible in the Crysis environment is interactive or has some form of physics operation being performed on it. Right down to the grass under your feet. Not to mention the fact that it's simultaneously performing a massive simulation of everything that's happening on the island at any given time. A stray gunshot may alert a soldier miles away from you. That does not happen in Uncharted 2, it simply doesn't delve into that level of detail.

And I disagree about the gameplay comment, I found Crysis (the original) to be a more memorable gaming experience than Uncharted 2. Uncharted 2 was a great game, yes, but I didn't find it to be ultimately very lasting or memorable. It did what I expected it to do and then I moved on. Gameplay wise the two are hardly comparable, with one game relying on linear platforming and a third-person cover-shooting mechanic, the other on an open-ended, "super-powered" first person infiltration/exploration and combat mechanic.

shazui1233212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

I think that shows that you have not played Uncharted 2 at all, really.

Ive played crysis all the way throughn and, lets be fair, the story was crap. The campaign was terrible and play it again and see how many different characer models there are. As for UC2 having closed environments thats quite laughable. There are many scenes in Uncharted 2 where the draw distance stretches for miles - pretty much every level in the game has a moment of awe in which you are presented with a vast scenic vista. There are physics calculations just like that in UC2, admittedly the whole "rocket firing into the distance" thing is impressive but it doesnt stop the gameplay from being terrible. As for memorability, I know it's your own, and only YOUR own opinion, but Crysis is easily one of the most forgettable games to be released. Aside from its prettyness, the story was generic and quite shockingly bad. An alien race invades a foreign country and you play as the American (surprise) army in fighting them off. Seriouly there's no plot at all and the lack of set-pieces in crysis is dizzying.

The last few sentences were fairly contradictory. Uncharted 2 opens up a whole new level of combat compared to crysis because of its excellent cover mechanic and its use of the y axis xD You dont have any stealth mechanics in crysis either. All you do is wonder around an extremely 'samey' island for about 4 hours shooting people and aliens. Lets not delude ourselves, Uncharted 2 is more highly rated than crysis for a reason.

LightofDarkness3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

Oh, so that whole cloak ability was just thrown in to show off a simple shader effect on your gun then... And the fact that I manage to sneak into many objectives and complete them without alerting a single soldier doesn't happen, right?

"I know it's your own, and only YOUR own opinion, but Crysis is easily one of the most forgettable games to be released." Somewhat of a contradictory statement there, no? That's like saying "it's your opinion, and this is a matter of opinion, but you're wrong, so it's not a matter of opinion." Clearly, you enjoyed Uncharted 2 a lot, as did I, but I find it hard to compare the two in terms of gameplay.

Obviously, the story in UC2 was quite good and far better than that of Crysis, but that's a consistent difficulty when making the design choice to go with an open-ended, sandbox environment. You have to allow for a much higher range of possible outcomes to a situation, U2 follows a linear, very story-driven path in which nearly all outcomes and paths are pre-determined. It's all down to what you prefer. Not all games need an intensely crafted story to be great.

hoops3212d ago

Play Crysis near max levels and you will see right away Uncharted 2 simply physic and graphic wise does not match up.
I have bth games and playing Crysis Warhead at 1900 with AA on a 30 inch monitor at very high levels makes console games look last generation. Sorry to say this but its true.

Pandam0bile3212d ago


No stealth mechanics? Really? That pretty much proved that you've never played Crysis because the first half of the game is basically you sneaking around in the bushes.

pixelsword3212d ago

Play Crysis near max levels and you will be one of the rare few who can do that. :)

As great feeling if you can, but personally, I've never met a person who played Crysis on max settings... or near that from what people have been saying. I've played them on like laughable settings, but I've seen footage of it on a good computer, and that game looks great.

Jamescagney3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

Crysis is one of the best games to have ever been released. It makes me laugh when people say "Yeah the graphics are good but you need a $5000 pc to play it, and the gameplay's crap!"

First of all, you don't need an amazing pc to play it. My pc is far from top of the line but I can play it with high settings, and even on low to medium settings it still looks better than most of the games out there.

Also the gameplay is amazing, stealth is one of the best aspects of it. Going from bush to bush cloaked, then grabbing some guy and throwing him off a cliff then moving to another hiding spot and none of the enemies are any the wiser.

Stealth is only one part of it. There are many ways to play the game, because it gives you so much choice, it's a huge playground.

And the storyline is pretty good as well.

pixelsword3211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

Smooth 60+ FPS, no-holds barred settings on anything?

Direct-feed that into a file and Youtube that thing and give me the link. I'd love to see more of that.

Jamescagney3211d ago

Wow, way to put words in my mouth. I can't remember saying I had everything on it maxed out and was running at 60fps+. I had most of the options on high and had a few options turned down to medium and I wasn't running it on an obscene resolution, my monitor only goes up to 1280 x 1024.

And sorry but I have limited HD space, it's only an 80g, so I'm not about to uninstall something to make room and install Crysis so I can take a video for your viewing pleasure. You may have lots of spare time, but I don't I'm afraid.

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killzowner3212d ago

It was a crap game but pretty to look at. Plus it's pretty much unplayable unless you have a £1500 computer. The gfx are crap unless you do too, so essentially you pay all that money to just look at it.

Bodster3212d ago

I have to disagree, I paid £430 on my computer and it can run the game on max settings with 35-40FPS easy.

That was the demo aswell, i am buying the full game tonight in which im sure i will get better performance.

carreirabr3212d ago

This is what you get running a real pc game on 512 mb (system + video) of total ram. Suck this NP and GG! Or not.