Archaic PlayStation Concept Art

Siliconera: Before PlayStation became a household name Sony was working on a CD drive for the Super Famicom. You probably heard this story already and know the end result – a plastic gray console.

In between splitting with Nintendo and finalizing the design of the CD media console everything was on the table. Concept art for potential PlayStations like this model were floating around.

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-Alpha3217d ago

Thanks for trying to screw Sony all those years ago. You made them avenge your betrayal and helped conceptualize the birth of PlayStation.

Nintendo must have kicked themselves in the nuts for being partly responsible for PlayStation.

SilentNegotiator3216d ago

It might have been Nintendo vs Microsoft vs Apple today.

*Throws up*

DevastationEve3216d ago

It's not really a tale of betrayal as most have made it out to be, it's just one company's decision to stick with an aged format. Sony had their eyes set on the future, while Nintendo went into its 3rd gen with cartridges.

Nintendo doesn't regret anything, they're just different. And they found something that works for them and they're sticking to it. Guys what matters most is that you stop thinking that there's a book or guide to making consoles. Each company takes their best shot at it and makes something different...if it floats long enough to become a success then it goes down in history.

OpenGL3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

Actually, I believe Sony wanted to take all of the royalties for the software sold for the SNES add-on. Nintendo realized that this would not benefit them in any way as Sony was also making the hardware itself.

Nintendo then got in talks with Phillips to make a CD add-on to avoid losing all of the software royalties. Phillips would make the hardware and Nintendo would make the software. In return for this deal, Phillips was allowed to sell 3 games with licensed Nintendo characters on the Phillips CDi.

Of course, as we all know none of these games were good, and the Nintendo / Phillips deal ended up falling apart as well.

The decision was good for both parties in the end as Sony created the Playstation division, and Nintendo ended up beating the Genesis on their own with the SNES. In fact, Nintendo has never made a piece of hardware that was unprofitable with the only possible exception being the Virtual Boy.

BLuKhaos3216d ago

Actually, it would have still been Nintendo Vs Sega.MS joined the console race because of Sony's domination.

-Alpha3216d ago

Correct, Nintendo wanted to gain more out of it which is why they decided to leave Sony out of the loop, but regardless if it wasn't for that, Playstation would likely not be here today.

It's such an interesting history because it could have been avoided completely and Sony didn't even show interest in the gaming industry until Nintendo left them (from my understanding)

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ForROME3217d ago

Yea I remeber this, me and Moses were looking at this one day, then Jesus laughed and said that crap is old

bigboss9113217d ago
thank God they used these instead of all those ugly prototypes. simple yet effective. and plus when the ps1 screwed up it was easy to fix...just turn it upside down lmao. then my dad, not know what to do, some how opened it up and fixed it. i love the old ps1 design. didnt really care for the ps2 design though....ps3 is tied with ps1 for my favorite design.

VicHyper3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

lol I remember seeing a similar pic in an EGM article way back when...

TABSF3216d ago

yep remember this one

wounder what Nintendo would have done if they knew how successful Sony's PS and PS2 was back in late 1980s

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