2010: The Best Year of Gaming Ever

2010 is, based on Brave New Gamer's research, going to be one of the biggest years in gaming. BNG's counted a huge number of games that are either set for release or expected in 2010. This list is, however, incomplete. It including big-name titles that BNG either believes or expects to sell well and/or be well received critically.

Some of these games have been played or tested to some extent, though many are still not expected for release for at least a few months, as of this writing. Should you find a game not on this list, let post in the comments and the list will be updated accordingly.

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Feral Gamer3219d ago

Lame, the same thing is said about every year. Hardly newsworthy.

toaster3219d ago

But 2010 looks bright. Many times has a game been hyped and didn't deliver, but what I'm seeing is that the games on this list will make an impact.

There are solid titles in each genre and those are sure to keep gamers happy and wallets empty.

Saaking3218d ago

2010 is gonna be awesome especially if you own both consoles. If you haven't picked one up, I'd say go with PS3. It's got a lot more exclusives coming out along with all the great multiplats.

Digitaldude3218d ago

Thats true but I think its justified.
Due to MW2 pushing back so many games plus its usual releases, 2010 is looking to be a huge year for gaming.

Blaze9293218d ago

worst part about it is that the best games of 2010 so far are coming in only just the first 3-4 months. gonna be crazy

ikkeweer3218d ago

Well, to me it has. This generation every year was a better game-year then the previous one. Don´t think I can even afford Q1 2010. Even if I can, I don´t have the time.

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Myst3219d ago

The start of the year in which we all go broke.

inSaneELF3218d ago

2010 is going to break my bank.

sikbeta3218d ago

Well, at least you have.... a bank? then you have no problem :P

RememberThe3573218d ago

They love giving banks free money.

mastiffchild3218d ago

And aqllowing them to pay themselves massive bonuses when WE now part own them. And allow trhemto put EXORBITANT charges on accounts that go one pence ovverdrawn. £40 for a letter that gets sent automatically? And the courts say that's fair? Be a bank and you'll be allowed to murder, rape and pillage before long-trust me, become a bank and do it in England for the best, most ridiculous results. you won't believe the way you'll be allowed to behave-Caligula WOULD be embarrassed, he really would it's that bad.

Leon_Blu3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

They get the best games and allways enjoy free online play. Watch the latest blu-ray movies. Most people are seing that the 360 is done now, games you can get on the 360 you get it on pc anyways lol.

Foxgod3218d ago

360 owners dont win?
The first friggin AAA game of the year (Bayonetta) proofs you wrong.

ZombieAutopsy3218d ago

what defines a triple A game?? I'm being serious too im wondering what people on this site consider a AAA game.

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

The game has to have an additional A attached to two preceding A's. For example, AA is just two A's. While AAA is two A's with an extra A slapped on for good measure. Inversely, if you had for example, one A, you can add two A's to that single A, which of course, if you've been paying attention, this would give you Three A's. Now, you might be asking yourself, what if I combine three single A's? Well, if you guessed triple A's, you would be correct!

If your still having trouble figuring out how a triple A is formed, you can come over to my place for a good tutoring.

By tutoring, I really mean playing my PS3, which is made of AAA apparently, what with all the cells and processing thread management systems.


sikbeta3218d ago

Come on ZombieAutopsy, you don't know?

Teh Salez man, just teh salez, no matter how [email protected] a game is, if it has a HUGE HYPE STORM is an +++AAA Game, but if it's Awesome but not sell like crazy is a disappointment


RememberThe3573218d ago

I think I would consider AAA game to be the ones that set new standards for quality. Games like ME2, GOW3, Heavy Rain, Conviction, and maybe even Bayonetta. But, for me it is about setting new standards.

Foxgod3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

I finished bayonetta today, (got an early copy), and i can officially say that Bayonetta is AAA because it kicks the crap out of Devil May cry.

Its the new standard for hack and slash games.

And the definition of AAA is obviously any game that makes the masses agree on how good it is.
And Bayonetta is gonna be called good by anyone who played the full game. (on the 360)

I played most of the major hack and slash games, GOW, Ninja gaiden, Devil may cry, and Bayonetta is the most intense and speediest of them all.

cygnuszero3218d ago

Agreed. Bayonetta is fantastic on the 360, total garbage on the PS3.

RememberThe3573218d ago

Good to hear. My 360 is on it's last legs so I'll probably rent it for the PS3, but Hideki Kamiya is a master of his craft and I'd expect nothing but greatness from him.

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Foxgod3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

Better attempt then the other "2010 will be awesome" articles.
But still lacking some games, like Mafia II, Spec Ops, Medal of Honor and more.

inSaneELF3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

Those are all on there...

Foxgod3218d ago

They where not when at the time i posted the above message.
He slipped them in, later on.

mastiffchild3218d ago

I didn't notice Agent, the Mickey game for the Wii, Wardevil and quite a few others so I guess they'll be adding for a long, long time yet-and hopefully a new Zelda by some point.

As for Bayonetta-It's a good game but I wouldn't be calling it great myself as, being a Kamiya game and a new IP I expected more than DMC with tits and hair attacks. It's just a twist on his previous work and to me that's just a little lazy but doesn't prevemnt the game being massive fun just stops it being a classic in my book-and I found the story pretty weak as well. An 8.5 for me(but I've NEVER given a game a ten in my life so there you go)and also I think the failings of sega's port to PS3 are massively overstated. Unless you have anger problems based on having no patience whatsoever the loads aren't that bad and thew slowdown is the only other issue that can't be solved by tweaking settings in my experience and that's an odd one as I found it happened at odd times when the screen wasn't always busy so I couldn't even guess why it happens! Anyway,
I've played the full game on 360 and a lot of it on PS3 and would suggest, because I prefer the DS3 to the 360 pad that I wopuld still, if I'd had to, buy itn for the PS3 as the failings of the port aren't bad enough to warrant me changing to a controller I don't like as much. Bottom line is you'll enjoy it(the demoss no indication of how good the game is)whatever you play it on unless you have no patience at all or an anal need to play the better version no matter what. That said, like DMC, it's a bit of a Marmite game so if you don't really love DMC I'd rent it first.

Anyway, it's good to know a couple of people who get review copies when you're skint at Xmas innit! Hopewfully I'll be able to nick a few more before what looks to be an expensive year for us(even if you only own one platform!)in 2010! Grewat stuff on every console, on the handhelds and on PC so we should all be poor but contented this year. My personal hope is for a more united gaming community which might stop us all getting ripped off so much-so lets drop the fanboy battle lines for a bit, yeah?

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