AusGamers Darksiders Review

AusGamers has posted among the first online reviews for Darksiders and writes:

"Darksiders is... well, a beast. It's a rare kind of game that only comes along once in a while. A game that isn't afraid to homage the best in the business with inspired affluence, yet craft its own path to leave an unmoveable mark on the industry. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and it could be said, through borrowed (and homaged) gameplay mechanics, Darksiders is flattering some of the greatest games of all time, but I disagree. What Vigil Games have done (with their first effort, mind) is create an incredibly tangible world with a marriage of gameplay concepts for the next generation. Many of the elements I'll discuss are based on old-school gaming, but this team successfully bring the old-school into the new, and do it with vigour, foresight and confidence. If this is their first effort, you can sign me up for life..."

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RememberThe3573218d ago

Sounds like everything I wanted it to be. I want one right now!

billythepunk3218d ago

this is a game I want to 100%

cyberwaffles3218d ago

i saw gameplay to this and didn't think much of it, but these review scores are starting to intrigue my interest.

3217d ago
Raf1k13217d ago

Funny how people want it all of a sudden lol

mrmikew20183217d ago

Most people can't think for themselves, that's why they wait for sites like this one or anyone for that matter to give the game a high score so they feel justify to buy it.

edhe3217d ago

People won't have enough confidence in a new ip to spend full price without good reviews.

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The story is too old to be commented.