Rainbow Six: Vegas New Gameplay Footage has a direct download link to the newest trailer for Rainbow Six: Vegas coming out next week for the PS3.

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Kleptic4740d ago

looks pretty good...and didn't look like it had any framerate issues, a common thing recently when the ps3 gets games from the 360...

I am probably going to buy it...I just hope a lot of other ps3 owners do to, so the online portion isn't a wasteland of nobody...

ErcsYou4740d ago

i already paid for R6V so im getting it.
i think a nice sized portion of the resistance crowd will move to Rv6. with online features still being top notch on the ps3 version, everybody wants to give it a try......including me. i will definitely be online but not for the first 3 days, ill beat the game first. get those headsets ready , your going to need them.

hopefull we wont have to hear "everybody tango" anymore

Satanas4740d ago

I would look into buying this, but I recently preordered Lair and Sigma, and my game-money is low at the moment... the port looks quite good though.

BitbyDeath4740d ago

According to the latest interview the graphics have even been touched up from previous versions.

I might get it since they seemed to have put some effort into it.

Hydrolex4740d ago

Hey if yo call me a Fakeboy yo are a damn moma ****er. But it is foggy and Xbox 360 version looks better. Am I right or not PS3 FPS is more than 360.

Xbox 360 RBSV Graphic > PS3 RBSV Graphic

Watkins4739d ago

Thought I would pick it up at first. But I don't think it's a good enough port so I probably won't touch it. They've delayed it way too much and still we don't get much in return. No, this is a no-no for me.

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