GamesPoint's 2009 Game of the Year

What is the best game of this year as chosen by GamesPoint? Find out in our Game of the Year exclusive, in this article!

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Obama3212d ago

I got borderlands and while it is fun, it is definitely not GOTY. It's a matter of opinion, but most people would agree that this game is not GOTY. A great game nonetheless.

pxpxp3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

yeah borderlands was fun while it lasted. I got to lvl 50 and did all the missions and haven't touched it since. The missions were not too memorable IMO, so have not felt like replaying the game. maybe the new dlc coming out will pull me back in. Demon's Souls in the other hand has me going back all the time and im on my 3rd play-through.

badz1493212d ago

but I'm not clicking. Borderland is GoTY? how many other websites have you seen listed this game even as a contender? hardly, right? and somehow you chose it as GoTY over everybody else's choice Uncharted 2! nice though. I'm not saying borderland is a bad game but there are games that are way better this year overall compared to it like Uncharted 2, Demon's Souls and Batman AA!

harrypmgaga3212d ago

I felt like we didn't want to follow all the others, but instead do this from the heart. After playing a lot of the big titles of the year, we decided to go with Borderlands, as it was the only one that we found was bringing us back into the game.

That's also the thing about GotY though, everyone will at some point feel differently about a different game, and while it may seem scandalous, is really what any art form is all about.

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harrypmgaga3212d ago

Sure, I totally understand why many people would not agree with GOTY, but in our combined opinion:

MW2 - Not GOTY Standard
UC2 - One of our contenders
AC2 - One of our contenders
ODST - Not GOTY Standard
inFAMOUS - One of our contenders

In the end it came down to which one you could have the most fun with, including replay value, graphics/art-style, and everything that would make a gamer come back to the game, and in the end, Borderlands ticked every one of those boxes.

DelbertGrady3212d ago

I'd replace inFamous with Killzone 2 and add Batman AA to the list.

Anyways, Borderlands was one of my favorite games this year(certainly the most addictive) and I love to see it getting a GOTY award. Totally deserves it.

El_Colombiano3212d ago

Soda, I guess you never played the addicting Demon's Souls?

DelbertGrady3211d ago

Nope, I didn't. Played KZ 2 and inFamous though. =)

harrypmgaga3212d ago

Yeah I totally forgot, Batman AA and Killzone 2 were also checked out for GOTY but, same thing, not enough reason to come back after your done with the main story mode. Challenge mode just isn't enough.

Obama3212d ago

well Borderland surely has more replay value since it incorporates rpg elements. One big downside of the game however, is the bosses. The last boss esp is a joke. Overall I still very much enjoy the game, and I even got the zombie island dlc.

DelbertGrady3212d ago

I named that boss "Monster Vagine".

harrypmgaga3212d ago

Let's be honest though, the bosses weren't a major part in the game. Sure, they bring something to the game, but there not really there to get the ball rolling. The real fun in Borderlands comes from the missions and the DLCs.

DelbertGrady3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

And finding more guns!

Borderlands is one of few games that I immediately started replaying after I finished it.

ape0073212d ago

don't let it go

play it

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