You may be a hardcore gamer if...

Are there any defining attributes in being a video game fanatic? Sure, we've all been told by everyone that we play too many games. But can we narrow this down more precisely?

Are there certain qualities which separate the hardcore gamer from the rest of the human race?

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Diselage4803d ago

This is actually really funny, bravo on a good list. Because some times a funeral calls for a PSP

Bloodmask4803d ago

and I am guilty as charged.....
I have fallen asleep while playing Morrowing and also Oblivion.

Bloodmask4803d ago (Edited 4803d ago )

Double post

JasonPC360PS3Wii4803d ago

" buy the latest hot video game at retail price." Answer yes: it's realy freaking sad to because I pay for the ultamate gamers pack at Gamefly

" don't believe that playing a game for 8 hours straight is excessive or tiring." *hrs what kind of weak ass b!tch are you? talk to me when you have done 18hrs.

"...all you want for your birthday is a video game...and everybody you know already knows this." YES: But if it were up to me I would have a birthday on every release day.

" didn't think Manhunt or Gears was all that violent." Don't agree with Manhunt, I think it is a violent eploit game. Lets remove some heads shall we?

"'d rather play games on the weekend than go see the latest hot movie." YES: but it's been like that for years now becasue the overall entertainment value of games is 100% better than movies and getting better with every new release. I still go to the theater to see Sc-Fi, Action and Horror movies though that will never change, its a fun social outing. The City I live in has two drive in left and we go there to see double features and BBQ some ribs, smoke some weed and have a good time with friends and family.

"...your family thinks you play too many video games." YES: There needs to be more hours in the day and stronger coffee.

"...your gaming buds think you should be playing more video games." YES: my Live friends do.

" saw Silent Hill and thought it was better than the last "Rocky" film." YES!!! because it freaking was.

" have at least five t-shirts with some sort of game characters on them." <---Guilty

"...the wallpaper on your PC is from a video game" Changes weekly it's Halo Wars right now was Killzone the first one.

" visit more than five different gaming sites a week." Please 5 sites a week, how pathetic I do that in an hour.

Yeah I guess I'm a gaming nerd.

PS I asked this question in another post so I'm going to ask here. I have RE4 on the GC and it looks like crap on my HDTV (fun though) So I was wondering if anyone here has a PS2 with HD cables hooked up like mine and if the RE4 PS2 version looks better or the same? Because if it looks the same I don't need to buy the game again.

MK_Red4803d ago

Naming your first borne "Master Chief" will become epidemic when Halo 3 is released...

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