VGChartz: PSP Game of the Year Awards 2009

Many popular franchises migrated to the PSP in a big way like Resistance Retribution, Motorstorm Arctic Edge, Assassin's Creed, Gran Turismo and LittleBigPlanet. There was also a healthy dosage of unique content as well, evidenced by the recognition of Beaterator, Locoroco 2, Patapon 2, Dissidia and more.

2009 also saw the release of the PSP Go. Opinion is divided on the redesign and its reception and retail has been humble at best, but it did successfully amp up the amount of digital releases to download. So, with new life breathed into the platform, VGChartz recognizes the best PlayStation games released this year you can carry with you.

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hatchimatchi3213d ago

what does that have to do with anything?

yea it didn't sell well, but it gets the job done. I bought one and I like it quite a bit. It is annoying not having the full catalog of psp games but the selection out right now on the psn is good.

As long as the new Lunar collection comes to the psn i'll be happy.

hatchimatchi3213d ago

resistance retribution is an awesome game.

i still need to get LBP psp.

Close_Second3213d ago

It always felt like a game where you had to walk to the next hot spot where you could take cover and fire. Trying to run and gun at the same time only emphasized the lack of a second analog.

LBP on the other hand is simply brilliant. If you enjoyed LBP on the PS3 then you can't go wrong with the PSP version.

shadow27973212d ago

The autosave in Resistance annoys me. For a game that's supposed to be played on the go, the saving points are ridiculously far apart.

My rule of thumb now is to never quit the game until I hear the British narrator's voice. I lost half an hour of playing the last time I quit.

That kills the game for me. If it happens again, I'm not sure I'll pick it back up for a long time.

remanutd553213d ago

i pretty much agree with all their choices but my overall GOTY is Motorstorm Arctic Edge , it is truly a Motorstorm game in my pocket lol , superb job Big Big , now bring psn party support to the online portion of the game and it will be my best game ever in the history of the system lol , love it congrats Big Big

Close_Second3213d ago

...GT over Motorstorm on PSP. Sure GT did not have a career mode but it damn near nailed everything else.

remanutd553213d ago

to each their own , i respect your opinion , i love GT psp too i think i have like 20 cars on my car collection already but i still have to unlock 2 tracks i think , dont remember which ones yet , im not bothered by a lack of career mode but the lack of a true online mode like Motorstorm , thats where Motorstorm have the advantage over GT in my opinion , i love them both , they are both racer games but one is a driving simulator the other a brutal off road racer but Motorstorm online completely destroys ad hoc GT , Arctic Edge is my best online experience on the system this year( very well executed infrastructure mode on the system only one thing missing psn party support and it wont have rival on the system this year IMO ) , yea even besting Resistance Retribution and besides everything that you find in the Motorstorm series on the ps3 is there ( everything ) , the festival , the crazy crashes , the beautiful track designs , the insane AI , the online mode , it does feel like a true Motorstorm game in my pocket , GT too but i was expecting more , a lot more from PD , i love GT psp and i have played a couple of AD HOC races on my ps3 ( which by the way are a pain to get started ) but come on , its sony racing flagship franchise they could have done better ( no infrastructure ? come on even Pixeljunk Monster Deluxe supports the feature for christ sake )

Close_Second3213d ago

...seems to be only avail through the remote play offering which is currently avail for download off PSN. However, you need to have your PS3 hard lined into your modem/router in order for it to work.

Hoping they'll patch GT with proper on-line but I doubt it.

LtSkittles3213d ago

This year I haven't really gotten much games for my psp, but I did enjoy Rock Band: Unplugged, and Assassin's Creed :Blood lines, and I liked the features it added to Assassin's Creed II.

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