Love/hate: Being a girl gamer

Destructoid writes: I really dislike the term "Girl Gamer" though mostly because I'm 47 and it's been a long, long time since I was called a "girl". I'm a gamer and I happen to be female. That being said, since joining the world of gaming communities, I've come to detest many of the stereotypes of female gamers.

I hate that they create a stereotype that makes it more difficult for the average female gamer to game online or join gaming communities without getting sexually harassed because apparently all girls game naked and we use controllers for bras. I hate that so many "top 10 female gamers" or "gamer girl" contests are based entirely on the quality of those slutty pictures and have little to do with their gaming skills.

But I love that things have changed and are changing. I love that being a female who games is becoming more "normal" and not an oddity, an anomaly, or a potential opportunity for hot PSN cam sex. I like that both males and females are less often stereotyped and that the gaming industry is starting to see that playing the "hot girl" marketing card isn't working as well any more. I like that the diversity that are real people and gamers is starting to show on gaming sites.

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cmrbe3219d ago

A gamer should be considered a gamer regardless.

Prototype3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

What gamer girls exist?!

Really I go on to play game with people regardless of gender, nationality, etc, at the end of the day we're all gamers and need to stick together (I'm black and a gamer). I just hate the people who use games or ps home as a dating service instead of just playing for fun.

bioshock12213219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

Couldn't agree more everytime I play a game online and then a girl comes on she always gets harrassed and all the guys start paying attention to only her. Like as if they have never seen or been with a girl. So most girls don't talk when they go online I don't blame them to be honest.

toaster3218d ago

Most girls I play with don't have that problem. But they play on Steam.

It's stupid that females get a label when playing games. You're either a gamer, or you're not.

table3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

if you are female and you enjoy playstation home then be prepared for sexual harassment. Some of things I've seen written in the speech bubbles are pathetic. It is embarrasing to see people talk like that to a fellow gamer. I imagine xbox live to have a fair share of sexists/sex pests as well with all those racist homophobes kicking about. It's just embarrasing and cringe-able.

ThanatosDMC3218d ago

^ That's why you can report them and block those idiots. Home has become more tame after they took out the all speak.

xino3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

basically you hate anything to do with girl gamers but love it when girls games:/

"I hate all girl gaming clans/groups like the Frag Dolls. " I hate that sh* too:/ Just picking attractive women to game and show off.

There are lots of female gamers and they come from Germany and EU places, and these girls are no ordinary Wii playing girls. They play hardcore sh*.

Well in the end, girls will always stick to clubbing, partying and going out rather than spending time on their console. And these girls are the ones who have a Wii.

If you are passionate about games, you'll see girls play hardcore games. And if you love games, you'll see 1/10 girl gamer play a game like Ninja Gaiden!

I get surprise when I hear girls are always harassed online O_o (well this shouldn't be surprising since most boys love talking to women aggressive, well that's here in UK) , but I hate the fact that when a girl comes online, and you see some guy just chatting with her through out the gameplay. It's farking annoying.

TheDudeAbides3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

My sis beats the ish out of most GTA4 players, no sht. She and my gf get a lot of attention online, it's so much fun sitting next to them and listening to guys talking. HAHA

HDgamer3218d ago

They play games when you're not around? :D

Setekh3218d ago

I've seen it happen, especially in games where you wouldn't expect to find females. Take Battlefield 2 on the PC for instance. There's a woman I regularly play that game with and she loves it, but you always hear the same whiny 10-year-old reaction whenever some kid joins our squad: "omg a girl!"...

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