BlazBlue Shifting To Budget Status

Shortly after Arc System Works publishes BlazBlue Portable, they're going to reprint the console game. A budget version of BlazBlue with the ASW Best Selection label is slated for Japan on March 4.

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umair_s513213d ago

Cool, they should do that here in NA too

3213d ago
KillaManiac3213d ago

Wheres the console ports of Continuum Shift.


Simon_Brezhnev3213d ago

thats what im waiting but its coming Europe doesnt even have Blazblue yet so their probably going to get it 1st

Baka-akaB3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

highly unlikely . From what i've read europe is getting early 2010 the same edition of blazblue , only with the 4 unlimited chars unlocked , and the dlc included (and that not even certain) .

It wouldnt be nice anyway if Eu didnt get the original game , given how important the story actually is .

It is more likely to see the same pattern as witht he first game , japanese arcade release for continuum shift , then console ports .

The way i see it , unless you own a 360 .. just import blazblue in either japanese (dont know if it features the englisht however) or us version .

Enigma_20993213d ago

... I THOUGHT I forgot to buy something.

Perkel3213d ago

:/ loved guality gear series.. not in EU yet..

Staircase3213d ago

Just hold on a bit longer! It's a fantastic game, and any GG fan shouldn't be disappointed.

Baka-akaB3213d ago

mm i wouldnt affirm it so surely and quickly . Quite a few gg fans dont like BB much ... but unlike what was expected by some , it isnt really Guilty gear with new characters , but its own style and pace . Plus some feel it is a bit too simplified compared to GG .

Personally i wasnt a GG fan , at least not a die hard one . But i do love blazblue .

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