Does Anyone Care About Backwards Compatibility?

The Xbox 360 made waves back in 2005 when it was revealed that only select games from the original Xbox library would be backwards compatible on the system. A year later, the PS3 launched with a graphics synthesizer chip installed specifically for full-on PS2 software compatibility. Said chip also contributed to the exorbitant $600 price tag of the console. Meanwhile, the Wii was fully backwards compatible with all GameCube games. Fast forward to the present, and Microsoft is – more or less – done with adding titles to the forward-compatibility list (old games you play on a new system are forward compatible, whereas systems that play old games are backwards compatible), while Sony actually took a step in the opposite direction, losing back compat. Have they dropped support for the feature simply because it's not worth the effort? More important, does anyone care about backwards compatibility?

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Bodyboarder_VGamer3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

Well, I care... That's why I bought a PS2 slim as soon as my 60GB PS3 died. Now I have a slim PS3 that at least reads PS1 games so much better than the PS2 slim. The PS2 slim has too many compatibility issues even with PS2 games. If you need a PS2 because your PS3 doesn't play PS2 games then I recommend to you to look for older PS2 consoles and evade the PS2 SCPH-9001 model like a plague. It doesn't accept many third party memory cards and controllers. Everything has to be original or it won't read it; personal experience.

I tried to play Xenogears on it. Unplayable. I had an old Nyko memory card. Unplayable. I had to go and buy an original Sony PSX memory card on ebay. At least it only cost me like 2 bucks.

Bungie3310d ago

i care too

i want to play Shadow of the Colossus and other games too

-Alpha3310d ago

I find that the "well that's why you have PS2" excuse is blah.

I mean, it's MUCH more beneficial to have BC, but some people will defend their beloved console to the depths of hell.

I dont want to use a PS2 because:

-Too many wires/it will clutter my tv area
-Wired controllers
-No online-- I like to be connected online when playing, and PSN does that
-Spending money for a PS2 if u dont have one

Again, it's just beneficial to have a do-it-all console.

I still think Sony can do BC. Maybe they will add it in PSN Premium to make a good incentive.

Regardless, it would be nice.

I am however liking HD remakes. I'm hoping for SoTC next.

ukilnme3310d ago

I care too. That's why I paid Sony $160 to have my 60GB PS3 replaced instead of getting the Slim.

mikeslemonade3310d ago

Backwards Compatible is not needed. I will not play a standard def game. And I never consider going back to playing PS2 when there are too many PS3 games to play. I would gladly give up my 20gb model(backwards compatible) PS3 which has a 120gb HDD upgrade for a slim PS3.

Maddens Raiders3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

"i care too

i want to play Shadow of the Colossus and other games too.."

-- please warn us before such posts, so we can don proper attire. my good shoes are now covered in dung.

Cold 20003310d ago

Did everyone throw away there PS2 or what ?

I still have mine ^^

Yi-Long3310d ago

... You have a huge collection of games bought over the years, yet you are still dependent on your console to play them. Once your old console breaks down, and your newer generation console doesn't play them... it sucks!

I'm still sad some of my Xbox classics can't be played and enjoyed on the 360, like my favourite racing game of all time: Rallisport Challenge 2!!! :(

ukilnme3310d ago

@ Cold 2000

My PS2 is long gone which is why I love my 60GB PS3.

NotSoSilentBob3310d ago

When you play Ps1 and 2 games you are signed out of PSN, you know that right?

Raf1k13310d ago

I care too but if they continue to re-do PS2 games in HD like the God of War Collection then I'll probably care less as I'd end up with a better game even if I do have to wait for it.

deadreckoning6663310d ago

I have BC on my 60gig and I haven't used it in a year in a half. So no I don't care really.

jamezrp3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

You and me both Bungie. Just picked up SoC a few days ago and I've been playing it on my PS3. Friggin awesome game. Can't believe I could've missed out if I bought a PS3 a few months later.

Not only that, I was able to play Metal Gear Solid for the first time since I never owned a PS1. Now I've got a whole list of PS1 and PS2 games I can play at any time, thanks to backwards compatibility.

Microsoft Xbox 3603310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

I've never touched the BC side of my 60gb launch PS3 in over two years. I certainly don't care about it at this point. What's funny is that the only PS2 games I've played on it was GoW2 and SoTC. GoW1&2 are already ported to the PS3 and now SoTC is likely/rumored to head to the PS3 as well. I'm set.

table3310d ago

I actually find the ps3 terrible for reading ps1 games. A slight scratch and it aint gonna load up. My old ps2 on the other hand will play anything even if the disc is scratched to hell as long as you stand the console on its side. I don't know about slim models mind you, I've always just kept the originals. What did you all do with those brilliant ps1 and ps2s?

duplissi3310d ago

nope, dont care. its nice and all (i have a launch US 60gb) i havent played a ps2 game in almost 2 years, and i still have my phatty ps2 packed away somewhere too.

but i never use it or my ps2 so....

Seven_ate_Nine3310d ago

I still have my PS2 plugged into the TV upstairs. Still have my PSone as wells. Never getting rid of either. My PS2 has gotten the disc read error and I fixed that myself. It's been playing games as if it were only a year old. Hell, I've been playing my N64 as well. Finally getting to play Super Mario and Goldeneye.

On topic though, I still care about BC. It's always nice knowing you have a way to play any classics that you've missed throughout the years that have miraculously found there way into your hands.

Snoogins3310d ago

I care, that's why I bought my 80GB PS3 back in 2008. Now it's dead and I have a 120GB in its place, gimped to only support PSone games. "What's the big deal? Just buy a PS2 and stop crying about it!" To those who have this mentallity: The older systems are becoming harder to find/replace, and in a year's time all that will be left are PS3s and refurbished time bombs. I hope BC comes back in software form and every future PlayStation product supports it. Sony in its third generation has one of the largest and most memorable catalogs of games that I want to enjoy for many years to come, and it will be indefinitely possible with BC.

infamous-butcher3310d ago

Thats why I kept my PS2. The only ps2 game I played on my PS3 was MGS3:S online. I put FFX in once and it didnt look as good as it did running on a PS2.
Hur dur cables... Hur dur no online.... Cables can be tied and you cant contact people when yuour playing a ps1/2 game as theres no XMB to acess Derp.

DaTruth3310d ago

I still have my original 9 year old PS2 in my stepson's room(wow, it's older than him), I have only played GOW2 on my PS3 and have played a lot of PS2 games on my 60 gig. But in the last year and change, there has just been too much PS3 games to bother with PS2 games.

But PSone classics are getting a ton of play on my PSP and now PSPGo! Just finished Soul Reaver and am on to alternating FF7 and Res 2!

whothedog3310d ago

I care....SIKE!

remember that word

The Great Melon3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )


I too never owned an original PlayStation and only just played the first Metal Gear Solid with my 60 Gb PS3. I have been recently buying tons of old PlayStation games that I missed out on by being a bit of a Nintendo fanboy back in the days of the N64.

I was actually blown away even today by MGS because it actually had spoken dialogue. I was so accustomed to not having anything like that back on the N64.

Whitefox7893310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

I have mine but the laser is horrible I have the Slim version I remember one time I was playing FF X and when it came to that scene where Tidus saw Sin the PS2 would freeze so, took the disc out clean it put it back in got to the part again freeze so, took game and memory card over to a friends house on his Fat PS2 which was way older then my Slim and it ran fine. My brother was ticked since it doesn't play his Guitar Hero games any more we got the disc buffered and they would work for three days before the PS2 can't read it.

Lucky for me my 60 gb PS3 is still running fine so I can play all my Viewtiful Joe and Silent Hill games :D. Ohh and God Hand!

It was this scene in the FF X.

SilentNegotiator3310d ago

If you want BC, you can get perfect 100% PS2 BC, for just $100 :P

DrRobotnik3310d ago

All playstation games will soon been downloadable on psn anyways. I can take it or leave it.

mal_tez923310d ago

I have the BC PS3, and have played MGS2 like twice. There are just too many good games on the PS3 to make me want to play old games.

If there were no good PS3 games then I would play Ps2 games. Just like how there are like only 3 good Wii games, so my Wii is used only for N64 games.

NewZealander3310d ago

yes i care too, i find it funny how the tables turned, when MS originally said they wouldn't be doing backwards compatibility, and sony fans raved about how the ps3 was going to be fully compatible with both ps1 and ps2 games, now 360 has a great range of original games playable and ps3 has no ps2 games at all on current consoles and they all of a sudden ps3 owners dont care, well yes i care, with a huge back catalog of ps2 games i cant play, and im not getting a ps2 just to play them! sony really screwed up.

rockleex3310d ago

That's why I have a 60GB.

But I usually don't play PS2 games on the PS3 anyways. BC is just in case I ever want to go back.

shawnsl653310d ago

I for one do not care. I don't like to switch between SDtv and my HDtv just to play PS2 games. The ps2 games pixels are HORRIBLE on an HDTV "FACT", but they look decent/good on an SDTV. I like to move forward in my gaming experience and if I want to play some old ps2 game, I can just plug it in, albeit not having to touch any PS2 CD's for years now.

DaTruth3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

The difference is XBOX is "DISCONTINUED HARDWARE". You can just go out and buy a PS2; You can't ever buy an XBOX ever again! How could a company discontinue their console and then make no BC in their new console.

MS are some real jerks! I don't know how you fanboys got over that one, followed up quickly by RROD!

And if it was so important to you, why did you wait? I have full EE BC for all PS2 games. You don't have a back catalogue of games you can't play; You have games fully playable on a PS2, so again, if it is so important to you, why not buy a PS2?

You've clearly engineered an illogical argument for the purposes of bashing Sony and Sony fanboys/owners!

darthv723309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

I do find it funny how the ps3 is the only next gen system without bc. 360 can play existing xbox games (still no mgs2 substance?!?!?!?) and even the wii can play gc games. ps3 started off with bc and then had it removed with no suitable replacement (other than buying a ps2).

If anything I would expect sony to offer up some dl ps2 games on psn now. They dont have to be all dolled up like the GoW collection but they can be made to be dl from psn like ms has done with both xbox and 360 games.

PS3 has std hdd and yet they can't digitally distribute some of their more popular ps2 games on psn? The games themselves can be coupled with the appropriate emu to play them. Throw in some trophy support for a rebuy from me.

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Parapraxis3310d ago

I honestly thought I cared, so I got an 80GB BC PS3 as soon as the price dropped to 499$.

Since then however I've only put a PS2 game in the system a few times.
My PS2 still works great and I'm far too busy playing new games to go back to most older games.

So currently, for me backwards comparability on PS3 is absolutely pointless, I doubt this will change either.

mastiffchild3309d ago

Yeah. I have a 60gig UK launch model with all the bells and whistles too but if I was buying a PS3 now I wouldn't care. At the time I still had games I wanted to play and more that I knew were only coming out on PS2(persona3 and 4 for instance or playing through Ico or SotC or MGS3 again)but that isn't really the case these daysand I only ever use the feature now to play SotC now and then because i can I think.

Anyway, I picked up a used PS2 fat the other week for the bedroom(we have a slim upstairs now too)and it cost me £15 with lots of extras(memory cards, controllers and a few games and an Eyetoy)so I can use that and it's not something anyone couldn't do at the price-seriously.

What we're forgetting is that there was once a BIG issue for the PS3 and that was the price so Sony cut biyts oput to get it down and still people complain and BC just isn't an issue when a second hand PS2(for those of us who haven't still got a couple lying about the place-and most have)costs virtually nothing at all. The fact is that these days 99% of people have played their PS2 games and if you wanted BC you could still buy a launch model used anyway-though a PS2 is still the best option in many ways as you can play it when someone's on the PS3 and move them both about the house if needed to accomodate whatever you want rather than having to worry who's opn which consoles/stopping you get on the PS3. two consoles arebetter than BC and now there are no more pressing PS2 exclusives to come is it much of a deal breaker?

I think a lot of people moaning about the lack of BC are the kind who (if they haven't already got a PS3) aren't ever going to and last year they were saying it was the price and the year before the lack of games-these folk just don't ewant a PS3 and that's perfectly fine. just don't keep changing the reason everytime Sony sort the last one out!

Whatever, to me a far bigger loss from what my 60gig has to now are the card readers and the freedom they offered me alongside that I couldn't care less about BC to be frank-not now anyway as it's too late in the day with no more PS2 only must plays and cheap PS2s everywhere.

This said, I'd LOVE to know what it would cost to put emulation in the slim-surely it's possible vis firmware and shouldn't cost much, should it? I know it's different to the hardware solution they took out of the PS3, though, but still what would it cost them?

Also, I reckon it's one of those issues where you only think about it cos it's not there anymore and if they brought it back very few would use it a great deal-sure some would but there's ,what, 800 PS3 games now? Are people suggesting that they're so finished with those that they'd rather be playing PS2 games in 2010? On the PS3 they bought for PS3 games? when a PS2 is mere pennies and most will have one anyway? Nope-it's no massive deal it really isn't. A minor inconvenience if you're short of space or can't manage a lot of cables but not otherwise worth worrying about, imo, and I never play any GC games on my Wii or Xbox games on 360 these days either-and why's nobody picking on the DSi for removing the GBA slot, eh? I use that on my Lite a LOT more than I ever did my BC on PS3 to be honest-even today I'll sometimes take my old DS out so I can play some older GBA titles on the move-and what of GH on tour?m THAT's a bigger issue surely than BC that came out of the PS3 years ago.

Myst3310d ago

To be honest nope not really, if they can do what they did for God of War ( making it into collections ) and did it for other games It would be perfect at least for me.

Though if I really have an urge to go back to Star Ocean, Rogue Galaxy or even Persona 4 my PS2 is sitting in the closet and all I have to do is hook it up again. Not to much of a hassle.

Bungie3310d ago

bu-bu-bu It only does everything :(

Johnny Rotten3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

I'll take a fast forward/rewind button for the music player over backwards compatibility any day. Let me know when the Xbox gets that option, I'm getting a little tired of using my 8-track.

Shadow Man3310d ago

I listen to the the full song 99% of the time.

Johnny Rotten3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

damage control?

that's like saying "why do I need a food, I eat pills" or better yet "why do I need high def, I have...." nevermind. Please don't ever tell me the xbox is a 'complete' media hub until they do.

Apparently you don't listen to mixes (drum n bass ftw!) or Dead sets or any live sets for that matter.

Obama3310d ago

Nobody cares about xbox games. People want bc on the ps3 coz ps2 games are still loved by the gaming community.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3310d ago

Xbox owners care about backwards compatibility just go check out the xbox forums. PS3 owners don't care because they have no choice, they don't have it. Just like custom soundtracks, they don't care because they will never get it. If the PS3 was BC every PS3 fan on this site would be praising it.

OmarJA-N4G3310d ago

B-b-b-b-but 360 doez haz exclusivez. ;)

Obama3310d ago

"If the PS3 was BC "

My ps3 has bc and it is the 60gb model. And lets be real; who cares about xbox games?

JasonPC360PS3Wii3310d ago

Here ya go Obama this may sting just a little bit :) Huge list of Xbox gamers who love backwards compatibility and they keep asking for more everyday :) enjoy list one more

Here is a list of 123 pages of forum topics about BC with those hundreds of Xbox games and 800 360 games makes a nice game library for 360 owners.

Don't worry you still have GOW collection. Hey check out this list of hundreds of great Xbox originals 360 owners get to play

xcox3309d ago

for PS3 owners it's never been a big deal: most of those who really cared got the 60GB launch sku and then recently we have the HD remastering of PS2 classics which is a brilliant idea.

check out GOW collection and witness for yourself how a remastered PS2 game looks better than most 360 games

can't wait for HD ICO and SotC!

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Digitaldude3310d ago

I really do.
I bought a PS2 slim a few months ago, which was like a year after I bought my ps3 as I wanted to play some PS2 classics.
I care.