GameAttic: Left 4 Dead 2 review

GameAttic writes:

"Ah Left 4 Dead, how I love thee. Taking the same basic structure and wafer thin plotline from the original, whereby an infected ridden apocalypse from Savanna Georgia to New Orleans is host to a whole horde of evil undead inhabitants, hell bent on separating you and your limbs. You're dropped into what Valve call 'campaigns', with 3 other survivors and your goal is to make your way through 3-4 levels and a final to safety away from the undead hordes..."

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bioshock12213213d ago

This game is getting great scores all around well deserved as well. Ignore the haters Valve. Love L4D2 especially scavenge mode I really thought I wasn't going to play this mode a lot just like survival mode but to my surprise Im playing this mode more than I am playing versus mode.