VGChartz: Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Review

VGChartz writes: "When it comes to the list of attributes that make a great video game, Shattered Memories has all the boxes checked. It has the innovative and fun gameplay, immersive atmosphere, a twist-filled story, fantastic graphics, great sound, and that unidentifiable bit of extra chutzpah to make it even more memorable. Longtime Silent Hill fans may scoff at the more action-oriented focus, but trust me when I say this is a psychological thriller like no game before. After all, what other game watches your actions and tailors the suspense and horror to your personality? Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is not just 'a great Wii game' - it is an incredible video game. Period."

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Homicide3219d ago

I love what I've seen about the phone, and the fact that enemies can attack you while using the phone is great. It makes the game scarier and intense.

3218d ago