Diablo III - To be or not to be?

Ever since Blizzard's Northern-Californian division Blizzard North fell apart due to a combination of a conflict with Blizzard owner Vivendi and several Blizz North employees wishing to move on, Diablo fans have had their hopes shattered not once, but many a time as they wait patiently for the next title in the highly-acclaimed franchise to be announced.

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Saint Sony4779d ago

Yes of course. Even if Blizzard has several mountains of money, they want more. Therefore there is going to be Diablo III.

Macdory4779d ago

Is this even news ... reads as just pure speculation to me ...

Genki4779d ago

A classic couple of games that provided hours of fun for me, but LoD presented a good enough ending for me...but hey, I guess another couldn't hurt.

The lack of Blizz North would be a red flag though, but then again, this company has been pretty keen about not releasing utter garbage, so if it does happen, I expect it to at least be GOOD.

Armyless4779d ago

The never-ending upgrades to your equipment and randomly generating maps should have been matched with a random quest generator.

Charlie26884779d ago

we can wait forever for Diablo III or simply Play Titan Quest + Expasion till that happens...

Coming from a Diablo fan Titan Quest its the Diablo fans dream come true (in a sort of greek way :P)