Are Games Better With RPG Mechanics?

DualShockers writes: "No, it's not a written-in-blood fact, it is merely my opinion - I feel that games are improved when they employ mechanics typically found in RPGs. Warning: The following contains things that I personally consider "RPG mechanics", your mileage may vary."

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taz80803216d ago

Borderlands used the RPG element very well and it made the game a lot of fun. What it did not incorporate was a story or allowing players to go beyond the level 50 cap whihc makes the game pointless once you max out. What someone needs to do is make a shooter MMORPG as in give WoW characters guns like Borderlands, that would be a lot of fun.

chaosatom3216d ago

Like weapons, characters, and other things.

Almost all games incorporate some version of it, and I tend to think of leveling up, unlocking new stuff as a RPG element.

So yes, it makes a good game.

JOLLY13216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

I hate that going into modern warefare I will almost always lose to a level 70, becuase he has "better stuff". I think that the better player should win in a fps over a person with "better equiptment".

*Edit @ below* So you leave the red dot off? No heartbeat sensor? You just go in with the raw scar? Have fun with that.

Tony999Montana3216d ago


I can top score MW2 servers on level 1, as I have done when I prestiged. There's no excuse for doing badly other than your actual skill level. After all there's nothing inherently worse about the first unlocked assault rifle vs later rifles, they're just different and it's a matter of personal choice. This is why the system fits because as you become more experienced you can try a different style of weapon. I find the AK, last unlocked, to be one of my least favourite weapons.

Anorexorcist3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

MW2 is nothing but a noob's paradise.

So many glitches and exploits (such as the airdrop grenade/knifing exploit, unlimited air drop glitch). Sure some of them like the Javelin glitch have been a certain extent, but the unbalanced nature of MW2's online MP is still pretty prevalent.

It is more frustrating and less enjoyable than COD4 and Killzone 2 because of the exploits that idiots use just to get some fake sense of accomplishment and superiority.

By you yourself saying "There's no excuse for doing badly other than your actual skill level" you expose yourself as either being someone who hasn't fully played MW2 online or as someone who is apart of the group of noobs who think they dominate the online world of MW2 by cheating.

ReservoirDog3163216d ago

Well, it worked out incredibly well in ratchet and clank, one of the first games in my memory that incorporated rpg elements. I can't even imagine replaying the first ratchet and clank without the weapons leveling up.

It just gives a game another level of depth.

Tony999Montana3216d ago

@ Anorexorcist

I have fully played MW2 online, right through 2 prestiges, and no I've never glitched or exploited the game once. So I guess your wrong on both accounts..

I play the PS3 version and in all honesty I rarely see exploiting and it isn't really as wide-spread a problem as you seem to be exaggerating it. Unlimited care packages was rarely game breaking and was patched, as was the javelin glitch and the ability to exploit Cvars giving players aimbots etc. All patched. There's a few wall breaches but if you're being beaten by those then you can't be very good at the game.

Besides your argument being erroneous, it is also completely ignoring the actual topic which I was debating. He said that you have to be level 70 to win matches, I said it isn't true and I stand by the validity of my statement.

mw2 might not be the greatest show of skill, with campers around every corner etc, but it is simply not true that higher level players are at an advantage. Understand?

Anorexorcist3216d ago

"I have fully played MW2 online, right through 2 prestiges, and no I've never glitched or exploited the game once."

Never used any exploit once? Not even one single time???

Well whatever you say. Yeah your MW2 Cred index must be squeaky clean. Clean like your conscience, right?

ReservoirDog3163216d ago

You know there are people who (unbelievable, I know) don't like cheating. I don't play multiplayer too much but I've never cheated on any game online. I don't even cheat in GTA games unless I just feel like causing the most destruction possible for fun.

Not everyone cheats like some people...

Mikeyy3215d ago

All you have to do is reach Level 4, you get access to create a class, and the M4, from there you can be pro off the bat.

The guns are balanced extremely well in MW2. (besides the Akimbo 1887s)

Im hit or miss in that game, I usally start off really really bad, then get decent scores, then i'll have 1 really good match of 42-4(30-0 in the first 3 mins thanks to chopper gunner), then the rest is back to sucking.

DARK WITNESS3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )


na, have to disagree there...

remember Cod4, well There was one gun in that game that everyone use to cry and moan about because it was over powered and too accurate. you got called a noob for using it even though the gun actually required you to look down the sight and you could not run around spraying and praying with it. that was the M16. what was even funnier was that it was the starting weapon and you could unlock the red dot for it with in 1 - 2 games if you were good. The M16 was my primary weapon. I had a KD ratio of 2.65 and was ranked about 4000th on live. what use to make me laugh was the fact that everyone cried about it as if they could not use the gun when they all had access to it from the start.

everyone cried and complained about the m16 so IW did something about it. they swaped it round to being one of the last weapons you unlock. it's still just as dangerous to use but now the noobs don't get to unlock it so fast. what i find funny now is even in MW2 you still get called a noob for using the m16 - but what people don't seem to realize is the Famas is almost exactly the same.

if you got a good connection in the game, both weapons will take you out with one burst. again with MW2 some of the best weapons you unlock right at the beginning of the game anyone who is half good should not have any problem dealing with a level 70 who has unlocked everything. the only weapon worth complaining about are the 1887's which IW have now addressed.

the next thing IW need to balance is the commando perk and lightweight.

@ Anorexorcist , I think what Tony999Montana is right in principal and it is very possible to play the game and actually play it with out using hacks, exploits etc. not everyone likes or enjoys cheating. I don't and never have. I am on my second prestige and have never used any glitches etc. I played cod4 and went through to 10 prestige never using any cheats to breaking out of the maps or anything. ya cod is a noobs game and it is really easy which if anything means for someone who is really good you should own 10x over.. but the people who loose to you will always cry and moan and in some cases think you are cheating. I usually invite them to join my game so they can play with me and see how i play. you do have a point though, it's not as enjoyable as Cod4 and with the horrible bullet lag it really makes it unpredictable going from one game to the next. some of the crap people get away with they would not if there was not so much bullet lag. the commando knifing crap ( which i find more annoying then the 1887's) would not be as bad if the bullet lag was not as bad.

anyway... this all feels off topic now. I like games that have RPG themes etc. I think they add a lot of replay value to games. in games like Cod if it is done well it can be a lot of fun - it's very arguable to say if or if not MW2 has done it well though.

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Ninferno3216d ago

Pokemon MMORPG. nuff said.

Tomarcus3216d ago

I feel that RPG mechanics add more depth to the gameplay, and allow for more ways to play the game.

Tony P3216d ago

Most definitely imo. But then again, I'm a big RPG fan.

XP tends to add the notion that your progress matters. You're invested in it moreso than a game that resets to zero every time you turn it off. That's what kept me in Borderlands too.

And I agree with the rant. You gotta do a bit more than add loot and XP to call a game RPG. And to hand out awards for it versus total RPGs is just wrong. As wrong as giving Mass Effect shooter of the year or Gears of War puzzle game of the year.

cmrbe3216d ago

I am a huge RPG fan but think it won't work with fast paced games now days for me personally. Mind you i played RPS's since the NES era and if it an't turned based its not an RPG for me.

Chadness3216d ago

I kind of feel the same way, although I do like some true RPGs with action-based battle systems.

Also, doesn't mean I don't like stuff like Mass Effect or Borderlands, I'm just against the idea of labeling them RPGs. (Although, to be fair, Mass Effect has way more RPG elements than all the games that were mentioned in this article.)

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