Leaked Footage of Half-Life 2 Played on Project Natal

Someone secretly leaked out a clip of Microsoft's upcoming system 'Project Natal' playing 'Half-Life 2'. This is most likely early footage of the beta testing for a FPS game on the Natal and of course, there is no confirmed source where the video came from so take it as you like (most likely will get you fired if you come out).

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Mucudadada3848d ago

A. I'm not convinced this is real.

B. If it is real, this looks like no fun at all. Seems like too much micromanagement to even move. He was using both hands to just look around. How would you be able to do that and shoot at the same time?

Only time will tell...

Elvfam5113848d ago

natal isn't that suppose to be in front of you so it can track your movements

3848d ago
Cold 20003848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

Looks like it got potentiel ! I guess that is only the tip of the iceberg!

Rocket Sauce3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

It seems like it would be fun to try it out and feel like Tom Cruise from Minority Report, but I can't imagine sitting on the couch and doing this for an hour.

IaMs123848d ago

Wow im actually impressed they pulled it off this far. This is just the beginning and they will learn how to tweak it. I still have hopes that this will work and be very fun, i hope so.

dinsurya3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

Im not impressed at all.
They keep showing camera control with hands, but nothing else.
If you dont have something new to show than gtfo. geez.

Mucudadada3848d ago

Ya'll misunderstand me. I think natal has a ton of potential, but I do not think that this video accurately portrayed it.

Saaking3848d ago

Looks fake to me. And if it IS real it looks really boring. I mean, why would I choose to move my hands around instead of simply getting a gamepad? It looks too basic, like you can't really do much. Anyways, like I said, the thing looks fake.

darthv723848d ago

Just a small sample of an existing game adapting to a varied control style. If it is real it shows there is hope for existing games to be played without physical controls.

If it is fake then I retract what I said.

Although, there is potential with the idea of natal. Lets see what others can do with it before we pass judgment.

umair_s513848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

I dont get it, if you use one hand just to control the camera how will you do other stuff like simultaneously shooting, reloading, walking, aiming down the sight, grenades, using health pack etc...

3848d ago
Hisiru3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

Looks pretty cool! It's the first FPS game for Natal and it already looks great, the next games will be improved, of course! Developers need to understand the system, isn't it what happens with any console/system? Look at early x360/ps3 games and look at recent games.

Fake? Take a look at it:
This looks like a camera to me.

evrfighter3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

whoa if thats real i take back everything i said about natal.

Still won't beat a mouse/keyboard

but would be more interesting than using a controller.

lol'ing @ Saaking's attempt at damage control. There is a huge chance that this is fake. Is all you needed to say

I wouldn't argue that. But damn dude calm down, you're sweatin bullets

IaMs123848d ago

Hey i dont want to hear any of the "This is too hard for Devs to develop for" Crap from anybody because they said the same thing about the PS3 and now look at it.

GVON3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

I do like the idea,but i've still a few concerns.

The biggest problem is neutral points,with a stick or keyboard you can let go and resets to a neutral this constantly tracks movement,what do you do if you want too just look but move your other arm but not the character.

Also he is having problems interacting,what takes him ten seconds,in switching the teleporter on,is only a button press normally.

It would be better if his hands were shown in 3d whilst playing,and a camera/movement lock,I guess you could say lock,but It seems an awful lot of stress,rather than using a pad/keyboard and just pressing use.

Lol will probably get a tonne of disagrees just for a few concerns,but if I do,I beg you give me a solution or easy way around it.
(less than a minute,but you couldn't offer a solution.Well done)

evrfighter3848d ago

"It would be better if his hands were shown in 3d whilst playing,and a camera/movement lock,I guess you could say lock,but It seems an awful lot of stress,rather than using a pad/keyboard and just pressing use.

Lol will probably get a tonne of disagrees just for a few concerns,but if I do,I beg you give me a solution or easy way around it."

hmmm this isn't exactly a public demo....heck it isn't even confirmed to be real =\

Why do you feel the need to ask questions you'd ask a developer to a bunch of people that know nothing about it?

edhe3848d ago

Guessing this is another example, probably 3-4 months old, of the Natal team's attempts at converting control systems to natal to 'see what works'.

Whilst it's nice to see the a FPS working on natal it's not really going to be the case that FPSs will use natal for control that way. Mean they just prove that everyone's concept of how natal should be used that way is silly - gamepads will rule that for a long time to come on consoles. What it does show though is that you can work the first person perspective nicely for other kind of games or experiences.

Avatar virtual arcade? CSI-style murder investigation with contextual interviewing with voice & facial recognition? Oblivion?

But even still, holding up your arms isn't what core gamers want to do.

Parapraxis3848d ago

@ Hisiru
Yup, It looks like a camera.
Natal, however...not so much.

GVON3848d ago

"Why do you feel the need to ask questions you'd ask a developer to a bunch of people that know nothing about it?"

I only asked if somebody disagrees,could they think of a way around my concerns,I gave one example in the camera/movement lock.

But this is the open zone,of a gaming site,and i'm simply putting forward concerns and i'm interested in hearing other people's solutions or ideas.

IdleLeeSiuLung3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

This might not lend itself to twitch and shoot, but certainly for more immersive experience it would work. Think Bioshock mood while you move around!

Now that sounds awesome and also, think of the ways you can interact with the environment that is much harder with the controller.

The haters will hate though....

Saaking3848d ago

"Why do you feel the need to ask questions you'd ask a developer to a bunch of people that know nothing about it?"

If you guys know nothing about it, then why are you hyping it? From the looks of video, it's very limited and hard to control precisely. All it shows is the guy basically moving around. No shooting, no nothing. Just moving around. I doubt it's even real though.

And like I've said before, if you're so hyped up about motion controls (either Natal or Sony's Motion controls) then why not get a Wii? It's basically the same thing isn't it? FPS on the Wii are the same as that in this video (they control the same except the Wii has the all important buttons).

IdleLeeSiuLung3848d ago

Then why do you feel the need to put something down when clearly you have very limited knowledge about it?

It's the same story every single time with you. We all know what you are going to say, and it ain't positive.

Hisiru3848d ago

"Natal, however...not so much."

This can be a redesign for demo purposes.

kewlkat0073848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

..... I'm, pretty sure everything you see now leaked and such about Natal is just examples and testing and seeing what this thing can do.

Parapraxis3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

@ Hisiru,

Again, Only one sensor emitting light in this video.
Natal has 2 sensors and a mic.

MS, would have clearly stated that Natal would be far more compact by now, if it could be. Or at least made very clear that the design we have all seen is not final.

I'm sure many people will buy it, regardless of its bulky size, however, if the large design we all know now wasn't the final size, I'm pretty sure ANY company in their right mind would clearly state that the product was still in design phase and that the final product would be much more compact.

Sony clearly said that their motion controllers were not in their final form.
MS, didn't.
It's that simple.

Rampant3848d ago

It doesn't look like fun because hl2 isn't a game designed for Natal. People said you wouldn't be able to control an fps with Natal, MS just showed it works to move around 3D spaces. Now they just need a game suited for project Natal before we're really talking.

Perjoss3848d ago

another microsoft related article packed with disagrees on the positive comments :)

FamilyGuy3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

Natal has potential but this video does NOT show any. That's probably why nothing officially released yet by way of FPS games.

People compare natal to minority report and that's very PS2 camera esq, i'd rather see something like what was done in the movie Gamer and The Island.

likedamaster3848d ago

Like they say, haters will hate.

On topic/
Impressive tech, NO ONE can deny that but the demo(nstration) didn't seem real to me, personally.

thegood333848d ago

Yes! Yet another reason to play Half Life 2! Okay, it's just speculation, but could you imagine how cool it would be controlling the gravity gun with Natal?

hazeblaze3848d ago

If this was Natal... it is full of fail. He was doing WAY too much work for me to enjoy playing a game that way... and the response time seemed laggy (but I'm sure that's something they will be working to correct before it launches).

The Shadow3848d ago

wow! imagine playing like that for several hours, my hands will be sore. I rather use controller.

multipayer3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )


On topic though, from the looks of the unsteady camera aka arm fatigue aka get deodorant. I'd rather have a thumbstick. It'd still be cool to interact with the screen for puzzles and stuff like DS.

Anon19743848d ago

Again, if this is the future of gaming, count me out. And again, if they want me to move my hands around and sense finger movements to play these games, how about you just hand me a controller and let me kick back on my couch?

Seriously, is this really what gamers were clamoring for? I've never once talked to a gamer who said "You know what I hate about video games. The controllers. I wish I could just wave my arms around and a laggy camera could half ass capture what I wanted to do."

JokesOnYou3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

I dont know if this is real or fake but it sure is funny as hell to watch sony loyalists sweat because you can see right through their transparent "I hope it will work, but...BS", lmfao you can almost feel the panic in their voice. It's too bad sony is only taking the next step by offering basicly a "wii-sony in hd remote", while micro is taking an evolutionary approach to motion controls with Natal. I mean most Natal posts attract more sony extremists while 360 fans like me who actually say they are interested in Natal manage to miss a few Natal posts here and there, lol by the time I checkout n4g its littered with the usual sony extremists downplaying its potential.

lmfao, I'm a little dissapointed, Saaking seems to be losing some of his creativity in downplaying Natal, it sorta' gets boring when you know exactly what his spin will be, pretty much the same as darkride, you guys aren't twins are you? or is it that brilliant minds think alike...pfft, lol I really like the posts where you can tell they dug deep into the sdf fail manual for reasons why Natal will suck, garaunteed! lol, ssshh, dont tell them that "leaked footage" like this is reported to be would simply be a vid testing ONE ASPECT=movement using Natal, who knows how much further along in development Natal is and what capabilities it is currently showing off behind closed doors, with all types of games...yet this alone is enough to raise excitement because Natal has huge potential over its competitors= which is again why Natal causes so much FEAR, ENVY, or whatever you want to call it from sony extremists, all because it easily overshadows what sony is doing, so of course the haters want to be JUDGE & JURY ON NATAL RIGHT NOW, forget the fact that it won't likely even begin to be utilized in games until *late 2010, while at the same time these SAME sony folks will scream in your ear "its not finished yet" for criticizing a demo of a game thats due out in 3, 4mo, maybe? lol and that isn't even using brand new motion controls, their just trying to learn how to do physics+damage that other games have already been doing for years, lol. Quick! somebody write a blog about the "wii-sony in hd remote", hopefully a few people might actually read it too.


Anon19743848d ago

I'm not just skeptical of Natal, I'm also skeptical of Sony's Motion Control bringing anything really new to gaming and I've always maintained that the Wii-Mote was the biggest thing wrong with the Wii for me.

This has zero to do with your ridiculous console wars nonsense and everything to do with the fact that motion control has so far been nothing but a gimmick that experienced gamers have not embraced. Who knows? Maybe Sony's motion control or Natal will prove me wrong, but not from what I've seen so far.

Did you witness the "Elephant out of pillows now throw paint on it" Demo? How about the "Grab the imaginary steering wheel" Burnout demo that showed gamer after gamer unable to control their cars and spending the entire time either crashing into walls or trying to restart after driving off the road. How about that staged, pedophile's dream Milo? And now we've got mister wiggle hands trying to play Half Life 2.

My current skepticism of Natal has zero to do with console preference. If these demos had been leaking from Sony I'd be just as underwhelmed. This is all about the simple fact that, so far, Natal looks like a huge annoyance rather then a new gaming experience. Like I said before, it all depends on how it's ultimately implemented and there's some talented people working on Natal so who knows how it will all shake out? But at this point myself, and many other 360 owners, aren't going to be ditching their controllers in favor of Natal to play Halo Reach, or Gears 3, or Fable 3. You want me to wave my hands in front of the TV to play my games? How about you just hand me a controller and let me play. No one asked for controllerless videogames.

Pika-pie3848d ago

Why on earth would I want to play Half Life 2 like this. Oh god, please let this be fake

SaberEdge3848d ago

I don't know why some people are so negative (well, actually I do *wink*), but I think it looks like it has potential.

Millions of people already use motion controls in their games with the Wii. That is in fact the main selling point of the best selling console (it certainly isn't the last gen visuals).

So why is it so hard to envision that a more advanced motion control technology could enhance games for more serious gamers? The regular controller will still exist and be widely used, but what's wrong with having another interesting alternative?

Sure, it's not as easy as a traditional controller, but I don't think that is the point. What it loses in ease and comfort it gains in immersion. Playing drums or Guitar in Rock Band isn't the most comfortable thing either, but millions of people love to play such games.

I mean, for years gamers have discussed the concept of virtual reality, but that also requires more movement from the user (unless we are talking about the sort that just interfaces with your mind directly). I think the concept is still so attractive for some people because of the immersion factor. You are actually moving your body and having your virtual avatar respond, and of course you are also seeing things from the perspective of your avatar.

I think motion controls, if done correctly, are just one more way to diversify the kinds of experiences that gaming can offer. And I fail to see how that is a bad thing.

Nicaragua3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

One of the reasons that guitar hero/rockband and the Wii work is that they have some form of tactile feedback in the buttons and pads that you press - this gives a confirmation of the action you have just done.

The second reason they work is that you can rest in a neutral position and not be pressing anything. Now if a trigger response in Natal is you wiggling your finger, then that means you basically have to not wiggle your finger unless you want to fire - you cant just relax and let go off the pad/wiimote.

Also there is nothing immersive about standing up wiggling your hands and fingers - it just makes you tired and look stupid.

3848d ago
JokesOnYou3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

"My current skepticism of Natal has zero to do with console preference." -darkride

lmfao, I picture you saying that with a straight face for about 10 seconds, then we all laugh, and you say "Alright I'm busted, I hate micro but....."

Anybody with eyes can see even in this vid there's no flailing around like a mad man, he's simply making small gestures with his hands and fingers, I won't go into all the different variety of gameplay mechanics that we can assume Natal might accomplish with ease both with and without a controller, its pointless because there is simply no talking to haters who hate micro with a passion but then comicaly act like they are actually being open-minded to the concept of Natal, you guys aren't fooling anybody, its hard to see the good in anything when you wear sony goggles.....its like a detective who only speaks English, trying to interview a suspect who "claims" he doesn't speak English, you're not going to really get anything worthwhile out of him until he decides he's ready to talk or you find an interpreter. So at this point I can't understand a word you're saying darkride, I need a gibberish interpreter. lol


Christopher3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

This look real, but it also looks like they're proving the issue with action delays based on gestures with this, in addition to how much more difficult it is to move and interact with the world through gestures.

It's a neat concept, but games like this need to have truly accurate controls without response issues. We're talking about an FPS, in which people measure control response delay to the hundredth of a second, and this is obviously delayed to at least a very noticeable half of a second.

I too would love to see some gun play using gestures and I feel that based on what we've seen so far enemy AI would have to be greatly altered in order to balance gameplay with the delayed and possibly unresponsive gestures.

facelike3847d ago

Anyone notice that near the end of the video where the user was trying to flip the switch of the machine on table, he kept trying to reach forward with his left to trigger the switch, but instead kept moving. He'd then move back, try to hit the switch again but move again. He did it 3 times before he triggered the event.

vhero3847d ago

@JokesOnYou and anybody else who thinks people are worried about the impact Natal will have on PS3 your are deadly wrong. Nobody is worried this video has fake written all over it and looks more like a PC version of the game more than anything there are cams similar to Natal already out for the PC you know that can do this kinda thing! So no doubt Valve have tested them out Natal is far from new technology. Also it seems like such hard work just to do anything and that's with no enemys around! I'd be knackered after 1 hour of that but imagine being surrounded by 3 enemys? You would be royally SCREWED with those controls.

So lets just say this IS real for arguments sake here its just proof Natal is useless for shooters games and what's the no.1 best selling exclusives on 360? Oh wait... SHOOTERS!! 360 fanboys can disagree as much as they like but Natal is another idea like Japan with MS throwing money in the WRONG direction. MS should concentrate on their true market shooter fans.

Anon19743847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

That's right. So none of my points raised are valid because I'm some kind of "Microsoft Hater" who just happens to own a 360, is a huge Halo and Gears Fan, loves Fable, has gushed about these titles in these forums over and over again, is excited for Alan Wake (this beats God of War for me next year in terms of anticipation, I'm not afraid to admit), has his Gamertag posted on his profile and is available to all (say hi sometime), still buys games for his 360 despite multiple console failures and runs a game news site which is actually partnered with Microsoft. Yeah, I must really hate Microsoft, eh?

Get over yourself. It's sad to me that you come on a gamer site like this, not to discuss games but simply to propagate these idiotic console wars. Not every gamer is going to agree with you.

I know plenty of 360 fans that aren't the least bit interested in ditching their controllers in favor of leaping around their living rooms like hyperactive toddlers. Does that mean that they're all suddenly "Microsoft haters" as well, or does that mean that they're simply gamers with a preference on how they like to interact with their games?

Microsoft is aiming Natal square at Nintendo's casuals, just like Sony appears to be doing with their wand controllers based on the list of games we've seen coming out that support the wand. There's nothing wrong with that, they want to make more money. More power to them. They just better not be counting on droves of actual gamers switching over, because that simply ain't gonna happen.

If you can't see that and can only view things in "Sony versus Microsoft" terms, then perhaps a gamer site isn't for you.

pixelsword3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

All because it doesn't look like Natal doesn't mean it isn't; it could be a developer version: historically developer versions look different than the retail versions of consoles, peripherals, etc.

This will be interesting to see how this translates into a FPS; if anyone can do it successfully, I'm almost willing to say that Valve would be the ones to pull it off best.

I keep on telling people not to poo-poo other consoles because you never know what's the next big thing. Natal could be bigger than curly fries if pulled of right. Heck, so could the PS3's take on motion controls, so it's not like any of them are *that* bad (although I am not sold on motion controls as of yet)... so keep a positive perspective and look at all three with an open mind.

4Sh0w3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

"That's right. So none of my points raised are valid because I'm some kind of "Microsoft Hater" who just happens to own a 360"

Yeah, but thats no different than when Bill O'Reilly says some of his friends are Democrats and also claims to be politicaly Independent. Sure he can say whatever he wants but people are rightfully going to judge him by his record, so although he might bring up what on the surface may seem like a valid points, everything he says is motivated by his overwhelmingly conservative views, thus its TAINTED and most likely there is at least a common sense alternative to that viewpoint, which of course, he's going to drown out, and cut off his guest speaker so you'll never fully hear that opposing viewpoint but if you're watching O'Reilly show in the first place you either only care about the conservative/Republican view or you already know to take everything he says with a grain of salt. Generally all your cons of Natal have in theory a "workable" solution, however reiterating them over again for you is futile, you seem to already have your mind made up, again similiar to O'Reilly's conservative views, the truth usually lies somewhere in the middle.

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Bungie3848d ago

bu bu bu FPS can't be done using natal

haha ownage

looks soo cool

Mucudadada3848d ago

Ya, too bad there was no "S" of this video. We were only shown first-person. The hard-part is going to be the shooter part, which was not shown in this video.

Bungie3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

this is just a demonstration to what natal can do

they will have to build a game from the ground just for it

but i can see games like Mirrors Edge using natal

it'll be interesting to see what will developers do

EDIT : it would be cool if you can scream BOOM in front of you TV to shoot stuff :)

i can see all the future videos on youtube LMAO i love my imagination

MGOelite3848d ago

this quote "it would be cool if you can scream BOOM in front of you TV to shoot stuff" makes all your past, present and future comments totally worthless and pointless

mrv3213848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

Well you are right their... you completely prooved us wrong with

-Blurry video
-Something that could easily be faked
-No shooting at all
-No proper idea on how it works
-No control Ideas
-1:00 long
-NO GOD DAMN SHOOTING, it's a FPS and yet no shooting... untill you see that I think I'll stand by my judgement of a mouse being better.
-That video was extremely shakey... that doesn't seem like the control I want in a FPS showing NOTHING.

Please note that this video shows you NOTHING but a guy moving around a room... from a SHAKEY perspective. It shows nothing but two annalogue sticks explain where do you get the following button


So tell me PLEASE... how this shows an FPS because all this shows me if something that's allready been done and nothing that special.

I do admit the video looked impressive and immersive... but shows nothinf about FPS on Natal. While if I do see Microsoft do a FPS demonstration I'd be impressed and my opinions would change so it's not being a fanboy I own a 360... I just HATE motion controller fads.

Elvfam5113848d ago

"bu bu bu FPS can't be done using natal

haha ownage

looks soo cool"

It was just movements which was hard to control to what he wanted
no shooting no reloading crouching and so on

PixlSheX3848d ago

Yeah, i would love to see YOU doing that.

3848d ago
Cold 20003848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

I know MS havent showed anything solid for the moment with Natal. But seeing the reaction this "maybe natal, maybe not natal" video is causing, I think theres going to be A LOT of hate if MS manage to pull of FPS's and other hardcore games with Natal.

@remeberthe357: I'm skeptical myself about natal, but I'm telling myself MS are already in too deep for natal NOT to work. I dont see MS letting natal not be the what it is supposed to be.
And come on! It's clear a lot of people (you know who) are praying hard for natal to fail. Look at the reaction this blurry video is causing in only a couple of minutes from the "other camp".
Now just imagine an official vid from MS with actual gameplay of a hardcore game...

RememberThe3573848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

There is more to a FPS then just moving. This did prove that you can move effectively with Natal, but that's it. We only have two hands and there are a lot of buttons that are missing.

It looks like they're trying to figure it out but I have to wonder if it will really be fun to play. I frankly don't think the appeal of waving my hands around will last very long.

@Cold: Why would that generate hate? That would be cool if they could figure out how to make a deep game that doesn't fell awkward or tedious to play. I'm having little doubt that they will make a FPS work, I'm just not sure how well they'll make it work.

anti-gamer3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

"it would be cool if you can scream BOOM in front of you TV to shoot stuff :) "

yay you well look like an idiot.

Parapraxis3848d ago

@ Cold 2000
"I think theres going to be A LOT of hate if MS manage to pull of FPS's and other hardcore games with Natal. "

I honestly WANT them to pull it off, it could be the start of a huge leap in gaming interaction, it could possibly be the next thing before full on virtual reality.

I'm just a skeptic.
From what I have seen, I have concluded it will be very unlikely that we could properly play games without a physical interface, such as a controller, or something similar to a power glove...well, one that actually works.

Cold 20003848d ago

I'll just wait and see! Guess we'll know at E3!

kneon3848d ago

The question is can you do it well, so far the evidence does not support this. Besides the fact that there is no shooting in this "demo" the control seems "mushy" and imprecise. For an FPS game, controls need to be precise and repeatable. I expect this video is old and the real deal is better than that.

But this actually looks worse than I ever imagined, all these hand gestures are going to turn a lot of people off. Even for those that like it I expect it will get old quickly after the "gee whiz" factor wears off.

BrokenAnarchy3848d ago

"it would be cool if you can scream BOOM in front of you TV to shoot stuff"

You mean like this? =P

I guess MS had this idea from the beginning.

Jaces3848d ago

Demonstrations are nice but I want to see actual gameplay.

I'll wait to say anything till I see a game actually being played rather than some demo of looking around a room.

likedamaster3848d ago


That video still makes me laugh.

Insomnia_843848d ago

"it would be cool if you can scream BOOM in front of you TV to shoot stuff"

yeah it would be AWESOME!! o.0

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mylesbarfed3848d ago

True, but you can't help but be impressed with the response time. I've heard lots of people claim it was laggy but that looked pretty sharp to me.

and an fps can totally be done with natal. Move your left hand forward or back, side to side to move your characer (just like the left thumbstick) and use your right open hand to aim, close your hand to shoot.

N4PS3G3848d ago

That looks sharp for motion tracking tech...can't wait to see the final product demonstration..most likely at E3 :)

morganfell3848d ago

Someone doesn't know anything about motion tracking tech if they think that is sharp. Sharp is an Xsens suit. Okay, this doesn't use a suit. It isn't anything that hasn't been seen from other companies already except those companies offered perspective shift with their version and this does not.

The only people this video owned are the people that approved it.

duplissi3848d ago

but if the controls are like that why bother? they would be merely different and not anything special beyond the first few minutes.

Triella3848d ago

If this is video is not a fake you will notice that at 0:40 he has to try to turn on the device like four times before succeeding apprently he's not able to synchronize both of his hands so that one is moving the camera and the other is motionning to push the button (or maybe it's because Natal has problems deciphering the purpose of the hand movement).

And I personnaly don't think Natal will be appropriate for people prone to motion sickness since it seems like one wrong movement of your hand sends the camera flying around. Just imagine what would happen in an FPS while trying to turn around the camera to shoot someone before getting shot or in a survival horror game when something startles you.

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Parapraxis3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

Whatever it is, I don't believe it is Natal.
There is a camera (or something similar) on a tripod in front of him.
You can see near the end of the video (00:49) that the camera does not resemble the Natal one at all.
It may very well be an earlier form, or another system all together, but it definitely is not "Natal" as it has been previously shown in its final form.

I expect any developer using Natal for a game like Half-life (FPS) or Gears (TPS) to use Natal in conjunction with the xbox360 controller, giving the user much better reaction time when firing/moving about as well as becoming immersed in the game via gestural movements.

Anyways, it is suggestive of how a game MAY control, but it clearly isn't "Natal" as has been shown at E3.
Some may argue that the dev kit may vary, however I'd expect MS to be distributing Natal dev kits that are going to react in the exact same fashion the current iteration of Natal would. I only saw one light emitted from a fairly small device, natal has 1 green light and 2 purple lights and is almost as big as the 360 itself.

EDIT: disagrees, please explain why you think my reasoning is bad. Unless it's just butthurt, then I guess I understand (even though there's no reason to be butthurt if this isn't Natal)