Peripherals Impede Piracy

Koku Gamer writes: "Despite my tendency to steer away from music games these days, I fully understand their usefulness. They provide a constant flow of challenging gameplay, they have a breadth of songs that provide extensive replay, and enable even casual players to pick up a guitar, bass, microphone, bass, drum set, or even turntable to play and have a lot of fun with. As music games reached their pinnacle, where sales were astronomical, it became clear that consumers were more than willing to pay a hefty fee for the tools to play a game if it was likely to yield a fun experience."

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TheDarkCynic3214d ago

Man, I hate peripherals. So much.

Saaking3214d ago

Especially when they don't work properly. How are you supposed to play a game without the most important thing?

Ziriux3214d ago

I agree, I got rid of DJ Hero, cause I didn't find the per phial to be quite as amussing as the concept first made it sound to be.

WengYong3214d ago

I shelled out AU$140 for an arcade stick for SF4, and i dont regret it. In fact I shall be buying another Tournament Edition when i finish my holidays.

As for music games i was over them ages ago, but I do prefer Rockband over GH series.

cb8103214d ago

Can I reach into a horse's ass too?

Ziriux3214d ago

I just wonder how the audience would take a horse a*ss digging game hehe.

RedDeadLB3214d ago

Their price also renders the game unbuyable. Double-edged sword.

Ziriux3214d ago

Yea probably the biggest problem when it comes to games that come with extra goodies, we all know the price will be high.

bjornbear3214d ago

however, this does not mean piracy doesn't suck as bad...does it?...8-/

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