NVIDIA Fermi continues to have problems according to multiple sources

Earlier in December we reported that NVIDIA had more than likely lost the big high-performance computing win with Oak Ridge Labs, and the lack of any kind of response pretty much confirms that.

Well, as the holiday approached and then passed us by, the news does not appear to be getting any better for NVIDIA. This story on Semiaccurate claims that NVIDIA has *ahem* lowered the number of shader processors on the architecture from 512 to 448 - a drop of nearly 15% of the compute power of the GPU. The SA article quotes from a Tesla product PDF that mentions the shader count and shader speed (1.4 GHz) along with a board power listing of 225 watts. Consider that the last 10% of any GPU/CPUs performance costs well more than 10% of the total power, had NVIDIA wanted to keep the 64 shaders it is apparently dropping on these first products it would easily be 260+ watt card!

We are also hearing news that the GPU is being delayed once again into March of 2010 - this is a quite a bit later than the initial November 2009 release planned during the summer. Another potential time frame was even said to be at next month's Consumer Electronics Show but that also appears to be out.

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Vip3r3216d ago

Ouch. Ati must be over the moon with this news.

LostDjinn3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

They stated they were forgoing major architecture upgrades last time around in place of working on an OpenCL back end for both AMD and ATI chips. The idea being you'd get a better net result when using the two chips together.
Like it or not the NVIDIAs' fermi still spots more cores than the competition and for the purposes of parallel computing that's going to make a huge difference. That said, I'll still be waiting on the benchmarks.
I just hope ATI step up to the challenge and really deliver on the next round of cards. The last round of ATI cards were ok, but they didn't really inspire a sense of awe.

Edit: Yes I am aware the processing power of the cores in question factor into the equation. Check the figures. Sorry. That's even worse.

Letros3216d ago

its coming nearly 6 months later, and if it isn't faster, well that is kinda pathetic.

I'm all for competition and actually prefer Nvidia cards, but my 9800 GTX+ was not cutting it anymore so I went with a 5850 when they first came out, very happy with it.

Maybe, if the GF 100 is slower than ATI's at-the-time solution, Nvidia will pull a 2900 XT situation on ATI and consumers will be the ones winning.

3216d ago
hoops3216d ago

I get this feeling we wont see retail Nvifia cards until April or May.
By the time these cards come out ATI will have something waiting for it...anyways thats good for us consumers as competition lowers prices. Right now because Nvidia had no cards to compete with ATI's DX11 cards, prices remain high for the 5800 series of cards.
We need Nvidia to release these cards soon....

darkequitus3216d ago

It is just as well I decided to put off my next GPU purchase to the 2nd half of 2010., So I can see what Nvidia actually brings to the table and it ATI brings out a [semi]refresh or not. I bought an SSD instead - the single biggest performance producer of my computer for years.

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The story is too old to be commented.