1UP: Top 10 PC Games of 2010

For all of the people who like to bleat "THE PC IS DYING," well, they're just plain misinformed. Not only will the PC be seeing some strong multiplatform releases (hello there BioShock 2, Mass Effect 2, and Battlefield: Bad Company 2!), but there's also a host of damn fine PC-only titles. Games like the Blizzard Blast of StarCraft 2 and World of WarCraft: Cataclysm, the two science-fiction MMO behemoths (Star Wars: The Old Republic and Star Trek Online), and APB in addition to the numerous smaller titles help keep the PC relevant.

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Madis0073215d ago

One game is missing.

Mafia 2

Mafia is for me best game ever. Better than all GTA games.

Charmers3214d ago (Edited 3214d ago )

I wouldn't say that is compelling evidence that the PC isn't dying. You just need to look at the list and see it's not all that great. They have 4 MMO's (wonder how many will survive into 2011), 4 multi platform titles that are pretty much bog standard knock off ports and only 2 PC specific titles both of which are damn RTS games.

I don't necessarily agree the PC is dying though, I think a more accurate description is the "PC is being murdered" and that list shows just how weak developers have made the PC portfolio now.

Raf1k13214d ago (Edited 3214d ago )

I think you're being a little too negative as those multiplats are not likely to be knock off ports as you put it. Dice, Bioware, Ubisoft and 2K Games are pretty good when it comes to porting games to PC.
I don't really need to have Dice and Bioware in the list as they've always been great with PC games.

edit: I understand how you feel though. It's really not the kind of line-up we'd have seen five years ago.

evrfighter3214d ago

actually the console versions of BC2 will be considered beyond gimp compared to PC

feel bad for you guys. If they don't fix the jaggies then I REALLY feel bad for you guys.

DICE is about to show everyone why pc is king of fps next year.

Charmers3214d ago

@ Raf1k1 - Yeah I tend to have a bit of a negative view with regards to PC gaming these days. It can be difficult to remain positive when you see the kind of crap MS, IW, Rockstar and others keep pulling.

I personally don't think I am being overly harsh with regards to multiplats myself. A good example is Bioshock when it was released there was a whole host of problems associated with it. I don't expect Bioshock 2 to be any different.

About the only multiplat I am looking forward to is Mass Effect 2 but even then it is a case of "making do". There is an awful lot wrong with Mass Effect that makes it fall far short of actually being a PC game (not talking technically). The gameplay in Mass Effect 2 is clearly aimed at the console market and us PC gamers have to make do.

@ evrfighter - not sure what you are trying to say there, are you saying you feel bad for PC gamers ? or are you saying you feel bad for console gamers (if so I am not a console gamer I can't stand the toys). At the moment DICE are making all the right noises. If they deliver what they are promising I will quite happily buy their game (even though I am not a big fan of online fps). But I am sceptical until I actually see the finished product. It is still a multiplat title though and not something you can really use as an example of PC gaming thriving.

Also am I the only one getting a bit fed up with Valve ? They are supposed to be the champions of PC gaming but they have done absolutely sod all since Episode 2. Sure they have released a few add on packs for TF 2 and "sorta" developed L4D and L4D 2 but that is about it. I mean for christ sake we are now entering the third year waiting for the final episode of Half Life 2

haqshot3214d ago (Edited 3214d ago )

It's worth owning a gaming PC for Blizzard's games alone. Not to mention the FACT that there has never been and never will be a console FPS that is better than a PC FPS.

likedamaster3214d ago

Poor pc fanboys, desperate for recognition.

On topic/(or not)
1up has the most boring and crappiest UI I've ever seen on a website, pathetic. I'm turned completely off by their website, it's BORING, DULL and non-appealing. Good list but not interested in bothering with reading anything on the site.

Raf1k13214d ago

You don't really need a gaming PC for Blizzard games as they always make them so that they'll run well on most PCs.

nnotdead3214d ago

Starcraft and Mass effect are the only ones i want to pick up. BF:BC2 maybe but i just may wait for 3 on the PC