STP: Low Grav Racer 2 Review

STP writes: "Low Grav Racer 2 is a bit puzzling to us. At its core, this is essentially the same racing game as the original released last year, but with more content. For some reason, even though the first LGR had huge glaring faults, Cobra Mobile hasn't corrected any of the problems.

First and foremost, the controls are still almost comically sensitive. A full turn is executed by tilting your iDevice only a few degrees, and any type of precise movement is absolutely impossible. This makes trying to take a turn accurately an exercise in Zen-like concentration, and even skilled players will find themselves slamming into the walls dozens of times per race."

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Viewtiful3219d ago

This series had so much potential, sad to see them muck it up so badly.

3219d ago
Cutter203219d ago

It's mainly the wonky steering and dull updates, they should go all out with new features for a bigger update.