Gamervision: Rock Band (iPhone) Review

It's hard to turn a corner without bumping into a music game nowadays. After the huge success of Activision's Guitar Hero series and massive sales from their competitor, Rock Band, both franchises have been expanding at a rapid rate, trying to outperform the opposition. First, the fight was for the handhelds, and both companies took different approaches in bringing their experiences portable, with Activision releasing a peripheral for the Nintendo DS and EA opting for a less complicated route for the PSP Rock Band Unplugged. Now, in a wholly expected move, Electronic Arts has pushed forward with Rock Band, delivering a smaller version to the iPhone for $9.99 - much higher than the average App. However, with 20 songs and a handful of downloadable content (both free and paid), it appears that the company's first foray onto the platform was, indeed, a moderate success.

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ReBurn3213d ago

10 bucks? Nope. $1.99 is an impulse buy for me from the App Store. I think twice about $4.99. $9.99 for the limited interface? Forget it.

3212d ago